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Ilene Atkins
Review from Ilene Atkins
12 events 9 reviews

The first few performers were okay; however, we really enjoyed the second half of the show much more. Tran and Bazz were very good!

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Puffin & Raven
Review from Puffin & Raven
10 events 7 reviews

Flappers' menu is a bit pricey, but no more so than any comedy club, and TOTALLY worth it to see Maria Bamford in such an intimate setting, and--let's be honest--no one really goes to a comedy club for their amazing menu, right? Mediocre food,...continued

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Puffin & Raven
Review from Puffin & Raven
10 events 7 reviews

STARDUMB! with Bil Dwyer was one of the funniest live shows my wife and I have seen in a long time. The setting is also so intimate that we were quite literally just sitting in a room with these comedians, playing along! We were thrilled to find...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
15 events 7 reviews

Thefoodwas fair and the lower level entertainment was mediocre. The leading comedian was great and created a lot of laughs as well as the black Englishman.

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Purnima Thakran
Review from Purnima Thakran
37 events 6 reviews


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Review from Kathy
21 events 6 reviews

Great small venue. Had a great time, very funny performers, enjoyed the show. Kathy/Los Angeles

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Susie Katz
Review from Susie Katz
25 events 6 reviews

I guess I am naive. I did not realize that when it said "Two Milk Minimum", it meant it was for children. We were surprised. Flappers was willing to make a switch to another show for us, which was very nice. Since we were already there, we decided...continued

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Review from Abi
20 events 6 reviews

It was a very small house, after all it was a late show on a Tuesday. Over all we had a great time! There was a two drink minimum but it was not shoved down your throat by the staff, like we have felt at other places. parking was convenient...continued

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Karen A
Review from Karen A
10 events 6 reviews

This was better than I expected. The seating was great, the food and drinks were not overly pricey (plus it was any two items vs. two drinks), and the commedians were quite funny.

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Winchell Earl
Review from Winchell Earl
25 events 6 reviews

walked out. notfunny. house half full.

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Chad Parker
Review from Chad Parker
6 events 5 reviews

Disappointing to say the least.

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Review from Sahara
38 events 5 reviews

Great comedy club experience. Loved the lineup of comics. Plus, it's in Burbank where it's no hassle to park, have tons of places to grab a bite or do some fun shopping all within walking distance.

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Laina Benkoil
Review from Laina Benkoil
18 events 5 reviews

Great comics as always and great venue. Drinks were served fairly quickly, but food service took a long time. The food was great when we did receive it. Would definitely go back.

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Al Ramirez
Review from Al Ramirez
30 events 5 reviews

Great setting, convenient,great service and fantastic comedy!!

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Madame X
Review from Madame X
17 events 5 reviews

Jackie and Laurie were funny as always. I hope that they do more live podcasts.

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Punam Kalra
Review from Punam Kalra
11 events 5 reviews

The show was cancelled once we got there.

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Review from Constantinople
20 events 5 reviews

This is not the first time the main act I've paid to see is not there. The whole point was to see Jeff Garlin, no notice was given that he wouldn't be performing, even upon arrival. Having said that, all but one of the comedians was...continued

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nickel dust
Review from nickel dust
39 events 5 reviews

Very funny comedians, super nice staff and the place is clean and well kept.

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Review from Karin
16 events 4 reviews

I love this place. It use to be that you had to go over the hill for good comedy, but not anymore. Flappers gets the same comedians and it's more comfortable, and the staff is great and always friendly

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Review from Theresa
10 events 4 reviews

I was so impressed with this place! The staff is so friendly and they are very organized. I went with two other people and they loved the show. We only had two comedians plus the MC but that was enough. It was hard to find parking for a Friday...continued

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