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Review from JMJr
144 events 91 reviews

A bare bones production with 5 cast members that are trying their best to deliver the laughs. While many of the jokes land and are very funny the actor's timing is off much of the time and they overthink the humor.

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Review from Scott
71 events 49 reviews

Took my mom......she really loved the show. The theater having head sets for hearing impaired made it possible for her to thoroughly enjoy the show.

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Review from Howard
132 events 48 reviews

Funny throughout. Heard some jokes before, but still a very enjoyable evening.

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j wulkan
Review from j wulkan
88 events 23 reviews

Laughed my tuches off

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Review from rjcdds
24 events 11 reviews

A fun night at the theater, some good laughs, actors were having fun. Entertaining, but not great. I think one of the actor's mike was not working and, at times, his lines were lost. Worth the Gold star price, but not the box office price. ...continued

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Izzi Kirshenbaum
Review from Izzi Kirshenbaum
28 events 11 reviews

The actors all did a good job. However the play itself was boring and jokes not so funny.

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Irina Velitskaya
Review from Irina Velitskaya
45 events 10 reviews

It was ok. Sometimes funny, sometimes not. All actors should be Jewish. And it’s weird to hear jokes about blow job from young girl who looks like 20 years old. Just saying.
I would not recommend it to see to anyone. It was just so so.

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Review from Maxwell45
17 events 9 reviews

Was worried about low attendance, but the center section was well filled and the show was delightful. Well worth the distance traveled. Very convenient free parking just below the theater.
Wendy Hammers was everything. Wonderful.

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Mr X
Review from Mr X
52 events 8 reviews

Loved it! Fun show & great cast. Be prepared to laugh.

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Rachelle Elias
Review from Rachelle Elias
15 events 7 reviews

This play is light, funny, fast-paced and every moment is entertaining.
A wonderful respite from today’s news. You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy it.

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Review from liketheplay
10 events 7 reviews

Very clever, the ensemble worked well. Jokes were great.

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Review from Leyahdean
36 events 6 reviews

The show was great. A lot of very funny jokes and the performers did a fantastic job. I loved it!
The venue - nice theater. Seats - a bit cramped. If the price for the show could drop by $10 I think they would have a full house. It’s a bit...continued

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Bryna Kimmell
Review from Bryna Kimmell
18 events 6 reviews

This was a very funny show. We heard some of the jokes but many we didn't. We thought they would show more old timers on video. But it was good anyway.

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Review from pamela
11 events 3 reviews

It was fun. Actors were pretty amazing!

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Lucy in the Sky
Review from Lucy in the Sky
7 events 3 reviews

Lots of laughs, fun 90 minutes with talented, joyful performers. Glad we went!

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Robert Newcombe
Review from Robert Newcombe
11 events 3 reviews

Lots of laughs, with a great cast. Though it should probably be called Jews Telling Old Jokes, but it was funny, funny, funny.

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Review from Schusted
18 events 2 reviews

Great fun. We laughed and laughed. The actors had terrific timing. Julien Ari's facial expressions and Danielle Kay's sweet but in-your-face persona were delightful.

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Michael B. Levin
Review from Michael B. Levin
8 events 2 reviews

This was not the show as advertised as originally seen on YouTube, etc. We were expecting four old men to be telling these jokes. There were two women as well as two younger people in this show! This cast was forced on us and not true to the...continued

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Greg Kocar
Review from Greg Kocar
1 event 1 review

FANTASTIC material & Incredibly well casted!

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Marlene Grossman
Review from Marlene Grossman
1 event 1 review

It was a delightful play-the actors did a great job. We enjoyed being there and glad we went.

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