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Heidi Kreuter
Review from Heidi Kreuter
82 events 26 reviews

So amazing to see the Charles go into the bay through the locks!

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Heidi Kreuter
Review from Heidi Kreuter
82 events 26 reviews

The tour is really nice!

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Jeffrey Kurtz
Review from Jeffrey Kurtz
61 events 20 reviews

Fascinating experience and one of the best on-the-water tours. Our guide was terrific. Not to be missed if architecture is one of your interests.

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Nancy Lefkowitz
Review from Nancy Lefkowitz
28 events 14 reviews

The tour was excellent. The guide was extremely knowledgeable. The audio system is TERRIBLE. Given that it's so important to hear and understand the tour guide it's HIGHLY recommended that you upgrade this system.

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Susan Dansker
Review from Susan Dansker
33 events 9 reviews

Wonderful way to see Boston , Cambridge and the harbor ! Informative guide, helpful staff. Clean, modern boat with plenty of room to sit or walk forward to enjoy view from front of boat

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Ronald Johns
Review from Ronald Johns
49 events 6 reviews

Smooth sail & excellent guide who knew her stuff. Good views & superb commentary made the 90 minutes fly by. I would recommend this cruise to anyone w/an interest in Boston/Cambridge/other architecture.

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Carol Mundell
Review from Carol Mundell
145 events 4 reviews

The guide was very knowledgeable about the architecture along the river and harbor. Beautiful day.

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Review from Marie
8 events 3 reviews

The narrator was enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable. Speaker system could have been better (clearer) especially when the engine was running.

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Robert Saoud
Review from Robert Saoud
7 events 2 reviews

Crew was very pleasant and the narrator was very knowledgeable! They don’t go into great detail about specific architecture, but we all had a wonderful time and did learn a few things!

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Terri Karpel
Review from Terri Karpel
6 events 2 reviews

Had a beautiful day and an amazing narrator. Lovely cruise and very interesting commentary. Learned so much about the Boston skyline.

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Review from Tourguide
14 events 2 reviews

The docent was very knowledgeable, and she shared a lot of information. However, We didn’t love her personality.

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Review from Masha
2 events 2 reviews

The trip was great. There are too much info given by the guide. Should be some pauses to process what she says.

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Douglas Maybury
Review from Douglas Maybury
5 events 2 reviews

The weather was awesome. The narrator was great as he really knew the city. Beautiful views form the harbor side as well as the river.

Highly recommend it.

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Cynthia Chace Macniel
Review from Cynthia Chace Macniel
5 events 1 review

A good idea but not enough time to view each building and hear more information. Somewhat disappointing. Glad I did tour.

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Mary Ellen Spencer
Review from Mary Ellen Spencer
4 events 1 review

Great afternoon - educational and gives you new perspective of Boston from the water - the locks were really cool too!

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Chris A
Review from Chris A
0 events 1 review

Great experience! Loved seeing Boston from the water. Guide was very knowledgeable. Perfect way to spend an afternoon with friends!

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Christo Tsiaras
Review from Christo Tsiaras
1 event 1 review

Great Trip. Great Talk. Very knowledgeable in his stories!
I want to do it again. Lots to take in!

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Cori Couture
Review from Cori Couture
2 events 1 review

I had two old college friends visiting for the weekend, and we had a fabulous time on the architecture cruise. The weather was perfect, my friends had a great time, and I learned all kinds of new things about Boston, despite being a lifelong...continued

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Phoenix Bowen
Review from Phoenix Bowen
1 event 1 review

I surprised my in-laws and husband with these tickets since they love history and learning how things are built. My in-laws flew in for the weekend and we were there on Saturday in the middle of some yucky weather. The boat was warm, the...continued

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Daniel Hull
Review from Daniel Hull
9 events 1 review

The views of the city were quite nice, especially on a sunny day. One thing to keep in mind is that the tour varies day to day based on the lock system and bridge traffic. On our tour, we were stuck waiting for the locks for 25+ min, which really...continued

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