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June Levinson
Review from June Levinson
Red Velvet 114 events 32 reviews

Excellent and informative.The writing, acting and directing added up to a very enjoyable theater experience.
The Central Square Theater can be counted on for intelligent, professional

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Kate Philbin
Review from Kate Philbin
Red Velvet 91 events 22 reviews

Important story, terrific cast - especially Stacy Fischer in lead role.

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Review from Jen
34 events 21 reviews

Really enjoyed this. I wasn't familiar with Rosalind Franklin or any of the story behind the DNA structure race (glancing through the info in the program before the play started helped). I felt a little overwhelmed for the first few minutes, when...continued

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Review from Ilene
31 events 20 reviews

This play is entertaining and informative. It illuminated a life many don't know about at all. I thought it might be too "teachy and preachy", but it was funny, deep and very moving. I highly recommend it. The performances were wonderful.

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Review from machnik
70 events 18 reviews

The cast was well coordinated and quite believable.

It was a positive experience in total.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
24 events 15 reviews

Excellent play that delves into the inner workings of one of the most important scientific discoveries ever. The actors portrayed both their roles and their narration very well. The program was very helpful in describing the scientific terms, so...continued

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Review from SMF
28 events 10 reviews

Excellent staging, very well acted, perfect venue for the play. The play itself is interesting, gives you a glimpse of history that you otherwise might not know. Very sad, frustrating story.

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judy smith
Review from judy smith
23 events 9 reviews

Although life in a biology lab may sound dull to some, this story of how the teams evolved the structure of the DNA helix is terrific. Each actor defined their character well and stayed well in character, playing off each other very effectively. ...continued

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Review from hvd33
12 events 7 reviews

Outstanding Performance by the entire cast! Truly enjoyed the play; well written and directed and well balanced with humor throughout!...Especially liked that there was no intermission....sometimes can ruin the flow and energy......

We love...continued

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Analee Bock
Review from Analee Bock
35 events 6 reviews

It was wonderful. Not being overly knowledgeable about this work in science, I found the play easy to understand. My husband who is a chemist also found it very well done even though he was quite familiar with the topic. Gosling gave the play...continued

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Gloria Parkinson
Review from Gloria Parkinson
16 events 6 reviews

My husband and I have very much enjoyed the MIT collaborative productions of past years so we came with high expectations. We weren't disappointed! A thought provoking play performed by a stellar cast. And we paid a mere $6 for parking! How about...continued

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Review from Cal
17 events 6 reviews

Well written, performed and staged. Interesting interpretation of important events and personalities.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
18 events 5 reviews

All of the elements of this production--staging, acting, sound design--came together to make a fascinating and enjoyable performance.

All of the actors were good. We especially liked Becky Webber in the challenging role of Rosalind Franklin....continued

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David Gardner
Review from David Gardner
27 events 5 reviews
JP Gal
Review from JP Gal
8 events 5 reviews

This is a fascinating story, well-staged and wonderfully acted. There's more than one mystery here and unravelling the truth (or many truths) makes for an inspiring and compelling evening of theater.

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Joel Horwich
Review from Joel Horwich
8 events 5 reviews

This is my third positive experience with Central Square Theater, all through Goldstar. Though I'm not particularly a science person, this play was centered around a personal story and was engaging even for those of us who don't know DNA from a...continued

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Grandpa Bob
Review from Grandpa Bob
16 events 5 reviews

Very interesting, informative and beautifully written and performed.

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Phillip Sego
Review from Phillip Sego
7 events 4 reviews

This is one of the best plays I've seen in quite some time. The acting and script were superb, but the most compelling was the story and it's layers upon layers of social implications. Bravo to all involved in this fine production!

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Review from SilverHolly8
7 events 3 reviews

Becky Webber was brilliant! Strong cast overall.

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Review from Aileen
11 events 3 reviews

Excellent performance. Only six actors, they captivated the audience. Excellent script! Funny and entertaining. Highly recommend it!

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