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Joe Manning
Review from Joe Manning
85 events 59 reviews

prepare to enter a time warp to the great discos of the 70's with incredible dancers, singers and colorful characters accompanied to the best songs of the era. You will easily find yourself caught up in the madness of the moment and the excellent...continued

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Stephanie Bluhm Stone
Review from Stephanie Bluhm Stone
83 events 34 reviews

I know the show has received Rave reviews but my husband and I did not like it at all. There was very loud disco music throughout. The "plot" was very unapparent and the cast was young and immature.
The show did not start at the 10:30 time but...continued

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Corey L
Review from Corey L
30 events 25 reviews

Love the Donkey show - really fun, interesting. It's cool to be able to dance on the floor with the show going on around you. All the cocaine references get a little tiring after a bit, but otherwise I've enjoyed this both times I've gone.

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Review from Bob
49 events 19 reviews

Not much discernable plot!

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Review from KP
30 events 15 reviews

The music the DJ played was great. The wive he created brought me back to my disco days at Studio 54. I was there with old clubbing friends from the eighties, and they loved it. However, when I attended the 7:30 show two weeks ago with...continued

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Devin Newmeyer
Review from Devin Newmeyer
40 events 12 reviews

I have been to The Donkey Show a few times when it was in NYC a few years ago. We were up in Boston this weekend, and got tickets to take our friends to see it. Everyone loved it! It's such a fun show, with GREAT music!

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Review from esther
38 events 12 reviews

This was my third time at the Donkey Show. Brays and bravos for this racy disco era fun dance party!

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Review from Stevew
64 events 11 reviews

This is puerile, high-school level humor with only the most distance allusions to Midsummer's Night. I was asked to move eight times, as the action moved. It certainly made me feel differently (in a bad way) about my own disco memories seeing...continued

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Review from Talia
41 events 10 reviews

so much fun! very interactive, you can dance the whole time! it's all 70's disco music.

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Denise Morin O'Brien
Review from Denise Morin O'Brien
17 events 9 reviews

A fun, campy good time! Lots of disco music, 70's hijinks and you get to be in the middle of it all. There are a couple of surprises at the end of the show that I won't reveal and honestly didn't see them coming. Grab some friends, don some...continued

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Review from Illbback
12 events 9 reviews

It is very hard to describe The Donkey Show. The best I can say is that the show is a 70's disco extravaganza all wrapped around a Shakespeare masterpiece. If you are looking for a formal retelling of a well known piece by the bard this in not...continued

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Review from anne
12 events 9 reviews

We went to the 7:30 show they also do a 10:30, it was rather lightly attended which made for more room on the dance floor. I thought the dancers were great and the show was comical. Go with an open mind and with the thought it is really just for...continued

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Review from Symone
15 events 7 reviews

Crazy ending I guess I needed to do more research on the story line before buying. But I did love the immersion part and the dancing and the drama was great but the woman and the donkey well I did not care to know the ending!

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Review from Lisa
7 events 7 reviews

Fun and very crowd interactive :) good time had by all

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Review from Al
27 events 7 reviews

Summary: a straight-up slammin’ disco fueled club with costumed performers doing their thing, they say the show is based on ‘midsummer nights dream’ I totally didn’t get it tho, but it’s ok cuz every 10 minutes I thought “I haven’t danced to this...continued

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Carl Conui
Review from Carl Conui
22 events 7 reviews

was alot of fun although the wait for will call tickets and then for getting into the oberon was somewhat confusing since it was not a sell out. general admission is definitely the way to go as you are really part of the action. Good time

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Review from Kate
16 events 7 reviews

What a blast! I ended up going by myself and STILL had a great time! The music was great fun - you can sing along - ADMIT IT - you know ALL the words. The "glitter guys" will dance with you and actors interact with guests through the show. ...continued

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angela paolucci
Review from angela paolucci
22 events 6 reviews

Play that funky music, Get down on it

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Jane Fedorowicz
Review from Jane Fedorowicz
16 events 6 reviews

The dancing part before and after the show is fun. The show itself not so much. And the link to Shakespeare is impossibly weak.

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Linda Brite
Review from Linda Brite
58 events 5 reviews

An action packed interactive dance fest! Don't miss it!

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