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Henk Green
Review from Henk Green
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I liked the production. Nothing vulgar or cheap about the open relationship that the couple had. No "All gays are just pigs . . we can't help ourselves." crap. Sometimes you'll go to a play and there's a forced agenda. There was none in this show...continued

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Rob Bender
Review from Rob Bender
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Typical story of a open triangular relationship that falls apart due to trust issues. A typical day in Boystown. No surprises, could have had more twists in story or unusual outcome.

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Robert Rosenfeld
Review from Robert Rosenfeld
34 events 21 reviews

Excellent acting and textured realistic emotional experience
Wish the issue of safe sexual practices had been mentioned even briefly
Polyamory is tricky ....as are monogamous relationships

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Paul Angelino
Review from Paul Angelino
37 events 14 reviews

Even better than anticipated- cast, hit bodies, great, touching (lol) story line. Going to see show again this weekend.

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Paul Angelino
Review from Paul Angelino
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Not just three hot naked men (not a bad thing) but an interesting, very real story and very good acting. Wouldn’t have minded more of a shower scene.

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Stephen Modde
Review from Stephen Modde
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Excellent production and acting! The play certainly draws in the audience emphasizing the intricacies of contemporary gay/marriage.

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Andreas Melinat
Review from Andreas Melinat
11 events 2 reviews

Another enjoyable production by Pride Films and Plays!

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Juan Salas
Review from Juan Salas
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Great local place that features LGBTQ plays and films.

Afterglow was well acted, I would recommend.

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Brett Scranton
Review from Brett Scranton
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The acting was brilliant and the actors were all perfect at their role. Great stage set, very well done. Bravo!

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Massimo Fusillo
Review from Massimo Fusillo
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Great actors, interesting play!! A bit pessimistic about polyamory, but plays need some drama. I especially loved Jesse Montoya, the "third one"

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David Schmidt
Review from David Schmidt
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Intimate theatre. Intimate story. Very believably performed. Challenging themes. No surprise it's being held over.

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