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Mercury Theater (Chicago, IL)

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163 events
47 reviews
34 stars
attended May 31 2013

Not a children's story. This is about relationships.

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66 events
46 reviews
9 stars
attended Apr 18 2013

This is a very enjoyable performance. We would not have been unhappy to have paid full price to see it. The play is well-cast, well-performed, and engaging. There are no memorable tunes, but the music is entertaining. Based on my own limited...continued

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Scott Clodfelter Red Velvet
57 events
44 reviews
69 stars
attended Jun 05 2013

Another great Mercury Theatre production.

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73 events
35 reviews
18 stars
attended May 01 2013

Wonderful, lively show. Only complaint is one we have with so many musicals - in several instances the music was so loud that it was not possible to hear the words of the songs. Why is this so often a problem with musical direction?
But do go to...continued

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Sherlock Red Velvet
61 events
32 reviews
13 stars
attended Jun 06 2013

I have seen this show before and love it, but this production is not to be missed. Terrific casting and great from start to finish. Not a down moment. See it soon before it closes! Bring your friends! Also, family friendly! !

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76 events
28 reviews
55 stars
attended Mar 30 2013

A very enjoyable afternoon! The Barnum character's microphone was not picking up the lyrics of his songs adequately during the first half of the show, but apparently a correction was made during intermission. The first half of the show is...continued

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Paul Red Velvet
39 events
18 reviews
7 stars
attended May 29 2013

Cleverly staged and enlightening about someone everyone has heard of, but knows relatively little about. The ensemble cast was excellent, with standouts being Mrs. Barnum and the ringmaster. For an enjoyable evening with a view to what love and...continued

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Irene Red Velvet
45 events
15 reviews
6 stars
attended Mar 30 2013

From the moment you approach the theater you are drawn in to the Circus. Performers outside and in the auditorium mixing with the audience before the show. Energy and fun all throughout. Do not miss this production

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Charles Licht Red Velvet
37 events
13 reviews
14 stars
attended Jun 16 2013

We were late since the Dan Ryna and Kenneedy were tottally screwed up. Imagine 49 minutes loop yp Montrose?

The staff was wonderful and found us seat without disturbing others. The show was very colorful and who knows might even have told...continued

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128 events
87 reviews
32 stars
attended Mar 29 2013

They did a good job with the staging and acting. It is not a great show and the music just doesn't seem wonderful. If it were an option I would have given it three and a half stars for creativity on a small stage and good performances.

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55 events
39 reviews
13 stars
attended May 11 2013

What a thoroughly wonderful show! This was like going to New York and seeing a Broadway show, except that it was in Chicago and the up-close seating was spectacular! Acting was great and showed the extraordinary talent of each actor -- singing,...continued

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61 events
34 reviews
26 stars
attended Apr 13 2013

I can not recommend this show. The staging was good, but the play had a very thin plot and the music was mediocre. The acting was good, but the show did not have enough substance to keep us tuned in. We left during the intermission. It was all vey...continued

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65 events
33 reviews
30 stars
attended May 12 2013

This play was great fun, starting from the minute you enter the theater. You're greeted by circus performers and free popcorn. It's a strong production with a great lead, and I learned a lot about the man behind the Three Ring Circus. Recommended.

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66 events
25 reviews
52 stars
attended Apr 20 2013

This production is fun for ALL ages. We went on a Saturday night and the audience was primarily 30 to 60+ years old. We all enjoyed the production which brought us back to our childhood days. The two teenagers with us enjoyed it tremendously...continued

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40 events
23 reviews
11 stars
attended Apr 14 2013

The Mercury is my new favorite theater in Chicago! It's so tiny and intimate, without a bad seat in the house. Also super clean, and easy to find parking nearby. Gene was amazing as Barnum, and his supporting cast was just as fabulous. Special...continued

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Evan B
38 events
19 reviews
5 stars
attended Apr 04 2013

Very entertaining and a very talented cast! The time just flew by. I highly recommend this performance.

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55 events
17 reviews
6 stars
attended Apr 11 2013

A really enjoyable experience. The performers gave their all despite the half filled theater.

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22 events
16 reviews
13 stars
attended Jun 16 2013

The performers were very talented and quite good. Not sure I think the story about P.T. Barnum is worth a play or at least the way they portrayed him as a real flim flam man. In all had a decent experience.

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33 events
15 reviews
3 stars
attended Mar 28 2013

Fun show. Extremely talented crew. The first half was a little slow but overall the performance was fantastic and we all enjoyed the play. Interesting story and I think an important part of American history.

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34 events
14 reviews
17 stars
attended Apr 06 2013

A most enjoyable and delightful show. The cast dies a terrific job with this high energy show.

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