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Review from douglascole
Red Velvet 39 events 12 reviews

I was both engaged and confused, and came away with an appreciation of the acting rather than the script, which has loaded too many gender-focused debates and fanciful "fake history" into one stew. The final scene seemed to add its own judgment...continued

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Review from Sante
92 events 31 reviews

Excellent acting from all parts. Such a delight to be able to see a show of this level at the Goodman for such an excellent price. THANKS GOLDSTAR!!!

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Maria Stare
Review from Maria Stare
42 events 24 reviews

Great play and great performance. I will recommended to anybody who really likes theater. Absolutely fantastic.

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Alice Mary
Review from Alice Mary
38 events 21 reviews

Very well-acted and interesting play about Sarah Bernhardt's decision to play Hamlet. Unfortunately, though, it gets pretty muddled at the end, leaving the viewer to wonder just what happened.

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Tina Zagone
Review from Tina Zagone
34 events 20 reviews

As always The Goodman Theatre produces some of the best theatre in Chicago! The actors were superb and the play itself was magnificent.

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Chuck Stransky
Review from Chuck Stransky
22 events 16 reviews

It was okay. The performances were very good. Some of the set pieces were confusing. The script itself was disappointing.

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Review from Moeknowes
153 events 15 reviews

"The Play was not the Thing in this instance.

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Abby Lee
Review from Abby Lee
18 events 4 reviews
Henry 'Spankey' Sutton
Review from Henry 'Spankey' Sutton
54 events 4 reviews

The entire evening was a mesmerizing experience. The play, and the performances, kept me engaged from beginning to end. My guest and I had a fantastic time.

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David Pat
Review from David Pat
78 events 3 reviews

Entertaining in many spots, but could have definitely been edited for excessive wordiness by 15-20 minutes. Also, it's very possible to present a play about a strong woman without lapsing into the PC preachiness that's all the rage...continued

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Alina Rubin
Review from Alina Rubin
7 events 1 review

Smart, well-acted play! Great seats and price from GoldStar. Highly recommend for all theater lovers.

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Phyllis James
Review from Phyllis James
4 events 1 review

The play started off on a very high note with plenty of laughs. It waned toward the end before intermission. After intermission, it again engaged the audience, but fell flat. Never did understand the role of her son. That could have been left...continued

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