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Jerry Davis
Review from Jerry Davis
Red Velvet 391 events 217 reviews

Better if you’re Catholic

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Reginal Bulus
Review from Reginal Bulus
Red Velvet 135 events 58 reviews

Definitive I love it, it was funny and crazy, she makes a great story and make the people be laughing all time, i recommend for a good date or a good laugh time.

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Jeff Passis
Review from Jeff Passis
Red Velvet 82 events 16 reviews

Some stories, bingo games and lots of audience participation made for a most enjoyable evening. A veritable plethora of prizes long sought after by collectors such as those erasers shaped like Jesus' sandals. OMG!

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Review from ChrisSemmel
Red Velvet 23 events 11 reviews

It was a fun night out with friends. Recommend!

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Review from Theatregoer0602
Red Velvet 155 events 11 reviews

Lots of fun. Audience participation makes each performance unique and an adventure. Enjoy!

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Sharon Hamilton
Review from Sharon Hamilton
258 events 77 reviews

A very fun and funny interactive show.

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Review from Noir
167 events 36 reviews

An absolute must see and bring a camera too.I laughed so hard by the time I left my face was hurting from laughing so much.

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Ken Mertes
Review from Ken Mertes
53 events 31 reviews

Fun evening!

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Ellie Granias
Review from Ellie Granias
48 events 27 reviews

It was so funny and we had a wonderful time. There were a group of drunk or very rude ladies in the audience but Vickie handled them very well. Everyone in the theater was disgusted with them, they were constantly screaming out comments. There...continued

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Tom Hartman
Review from Tom Hartman
40 events 23 reviews

I am a lapsed Catholic and my friend Barbara was raised Evangelical Protestant. We both LOVED this show. Its warm and funny as it gently pokes fun at the traditions of Catholicism as well as some of the contradictions of the Bible. The show is...continued

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Kathy Asselin Decker
Review from Kathy Asselin Decker
32 events 22 reviews

We had a ball❤️I did misbehave during the performance and had to wear the “I have disappointed Jesus sign” ! But we loved the show❤️

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
22 events 20 reviews

Vicki Quade is hilarious as Mrs. O'Brien, the bingo caller at Our Lady of Good Fortune. She interacts with the audience, involving nearly every person in some way. Her stories, jokes, and jabs had everyone rolling, and even those who raised her...continued

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Justine M. Constantino
Review from Justine M. Constantino
26 events 15 reviews

not as great as their late nite show, but still good

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Review from luceethecat
15 events 13 reviews

had a fun time. too bad the audience consisted of 15 people. theater needs to promote this more

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Dorina S. Scaunas
Review from Dorina S. Scaunas
25 events 12 reviews


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Review from Sandi
21 events 11 reviews

Some funny lines, and the audience participation is relatively enjoyable if you know one of participators. But ... the words somewhat trite, amateurish, slow and mediocre aptly describe the performance.

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Dennis C
Review from Dennis C
27 events 11 reviews

This was a great evening for out family. "Sister" was so engaging and clever and everyone got involved and had lots of fun. The box office lady was unexpectedly grumpy, but that was quickly forgotten as we enjoyed a great show.

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Marcy L Dudas
Review from Marcy L Dudas
15 events 10 reviews

We had a wonderful time playing bingo with former "Sister". Brought back wonderful Catholic School childhood memories. My husband won a Bishop's Beretta. I now refer to him as "Your Eminence". Cosy venue.

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Review from joanne
25 events 9 reviews

A fun night out with the girls. The audience participation was fun, but the best was "Ms. O'Brien". Her quick wit and humor was exceptional. We enjoyed the show and had lots of laughs.

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Al Lis
Review from Al Lis
16 events 9 reviews

Good value for the dollar and a lot of fun. This play continues the Catholic series. If you liked the previous ones in the series, such as "Nunsense", you will be entertained. I am always a sucker for audience participation.

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