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older theater fan
Review from older theater fan
Red Velvet 214 events 71 reviews

Goldstar tickets are toward the back. So if you really want a total experience, you need to go toward the front where there is more audience participation. I did well but my short 12 year old struggled to see. I liked the light show which you...continued

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Reginal Bulus
Review from Reginal Bulus
Red Velvet 135 events 59 reviews

Very entertaining play!!

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Reginal Bulus
Review from Reginal Bulus
Red Velvet 135 events 59 reviews

Very good performance and very entertain.

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Arts Lover
Review from Arts Lover
Red Velvet 76 events 39 reviews

What a memorable experience it was for us! This was my family's second time to see BMG (don't know if they still offer the package deal with Yoshi's restaurant)but I was looking for a unique and totally fun experience for our friend (and us...continued

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Review from TinaT
Red Velvet 47 events 31 reviews

As always, the Blue Man Group does not disappoint. This was my 5th time seeing the show, and the first time seeing the "new" show. The only thing I missed was the grand finale of toilet paper...the kids always enjoyed that. If you're looking...continued

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Review from Pepper-J
Red Velvet 46 events 28 reviews

Great entertainment in a pleasant theatre! A colorful show with all sorts of surprises that keep you laughing throughout the night.

Secure parking is adjacent to the theatre and affordable at just $14. With a fully stocked bar inside the lobby,...continued

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Pam Zidarich
Review from Pam Zidarich
Red Velvet 66 events 25 reviews

Great as always. Third time seeing it. Took my son for his first time. He really enjoyed it.

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Deb O.
Review from Deb O.
Red Velvet 46 events 23 reviews

This is a very unusual and very entertaining show, suitable for most ages, and probably best for families. Lots of humorous moments, lots of noise, bright colors, flashing lights, and opportunities to cheer, clap, and even get on your feet and...continued

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Ron's tickets
Review from Ron's tickets
Red Velvet 21 events 7 reviews

Very entertaining for all ages. I took my 8 year old grandson and he was enthralled from the opening curtain until the final curtain.

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Ron koziel
Review from Ron koziel
Red Velvet 73 events 6 reviews

The most amazing entertainment ever!

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Review from ttunt
Red Velvet 22 events 4 reviews

Awesome show! If we had known it was this good we would have gone to see it long ago!!

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Review from FreeJ85
Red Velvet 11 events 2 reviews

Interactive performance art! Great show for everyone! Definitely driven by audience participation.

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Larry Berg Jr.
Review from Larry Berg Jr.
Red Velvet 7 events 2 reviews

Me and my son had a great time!

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John Furr
Review from John Furr
Red Velvet 6 events 1 review

Grandkids loved it. Got street parking easily!

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Jen Aginian
Review from Jen Aginian
157 events 114 reviews

We went to this show on Christmas Eve (something a little different, before the traditional dinner). We saw the show more than 10 years ago. We were hoping that it had a new, inventive incarnation. Our kids were young the first time (& I think...continued

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Herr Vic
Review from Herr Vic
411 events 87 reviews

Loved this show several years ago, and now the recent updated version makes a second viewing a must! The onstage GiPads make it totally current, and the audience just laps it all up with glee. I tried to figure out the technology for how they...continued

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Smiljana Kisacanin
Review from Smiljana Kisacanin
116 events 86 reviews

My girlfriend from Europe was visiting and I thought it would be nice to take her to see Blue Man Group. Even though I saw them a few years ago, both of us enjoyed the performance very much.

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Katrena Greene
Review from Katrena Greene
105 events 63 reviews

It was really cool, I don't want to give anything away but it is similar to the original show. I like that there is no talking and it is interactive.

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Irene Phee Rundblom
Review from Irene Phee Rundblom
88 events 42 reviews

I liked it though BF enjoyed it a bit more. Audience seemed to be having a great time. I'd probably heard too much hype beforehand. Was reasonable with half price tickets (plus Goldstar's substantial service fees which makes it about 1/3 off!).

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Review from Rick
73 events 41 reviews

Enjoyable show. Very family appropriate.

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