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Review from MusicMusic
245 events 37 reviews

The show was outstanding, the actors were multi-talented, the musicianship incredible, and you will believe you are seeing and hearing the real Buddy Holly. My wife loves Country music and Thai Pop but also absolutely loved this show despite not...continued

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Review from erniet
71 events 31 reviews

great show, strongly recommend, will be seeing it again soon

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theater lover
Review from theater lover
221 events 31 reviews

This is a must see! The talent is unbelievable. I'm definitely going again and bringing a group.

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Carl Rosenthal
Review from Carl Rosenthal
73 events 28 reviews

Great music and show but lousy portable seats in the back

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June P S
Review from June P S
30 events 25 reviews

If you want to have a fun, light night of entertainment & escape, here is your answer. This "Buddy" appears to have been born for this role. Just charming, delightful & massively talented. I know the man's music (albeit limited due to sad...continued

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Michelle Mcdonald
Review from Michelle Mcdonald
47 events 24 reviews

Entertaining play/ musical definitely kept my attention

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Review from TTisTami
25 events 22 reviews

To the person who wrote the play.
To the person's who did set production.
To the crew who did behind the scenes.
To the cast.

Thank you for sharing your vision.
Thank you for sharing your talent.
Thank you for providing a true one of a kind...continued

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Chad Johnson
Review from Chad Johnson
111 events 21 reviews

Awesome. Chicago's best kept secret of 2018. Go see it before it closes.

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Joan Futterman
Review from Joan Futterman
44 events 18 reviews

Extremely entertaining! Outstanding cast. Buddy Holly was exceptional.

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Harry Bloom
Review from Harry Bloom
26 events 17 reviews

Outstanding in every aspect! Great show, far exceeded expectations and reviews. Ticketing easy and seamless. Highly recommend to those lucky enough to still get tickets.

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Patrick Flavin
Review from Patrick Flavin
79 events 17 reviews

We loved this production. This group of actors made it feel like you were sitting in on actual recording sessions and watching live concert performances.

It’s amazing to see and hear the the number of great songs Holly had in his short arc of a...continued

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Laurie Myers
Review from Laurie Myers
64 events 15 reviews

Fantastic show! Highly recommended

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Kathy Asselin Decker
Review from Kathy Asselin Decker
20 events 15 reviews

Not to be missed!!!fantastic music ? We were dancing in the aisles and just had a fantastic time❤️thanks for the memories❤️

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Review from Tom
56 events 15 reviews

One of the best shows I've ever seen. Cast is extremely talented. Great time. Don't miss it.

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Maureen Markham
Review from Maureen Markham
17 events 13 reviews

Great cast and songs. Amazing voices. Fun experience. Not a bad seat in this theater.

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goldstar member
Review from goldstar member
21 events 12 reviews

Fabulous production! A real feel-good musical with tons of talent onstage....

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Review from rip
27 events 12 reviews

so much talent on stage.i must see it again. impossibly lush musical numbers and such energy.a privilege being an audience member!

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Penny Alfonso
Review from Penny Alfonso
26 events 11 reviews

This is the second time I’ve seen this production and I hope to go at least once more before it closes. Zachary Stevenson is talented beyond words and absolutely nails it! Everyone in this cast is a mega talent! Everyone! This was the best...continued

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Review from Debbie
13 events 11 reviews

This show was absolutely AMAZING! The energy put out from the cast was unlike any other show we have experienced. "Buddy" was better than the original and had us from the first scene. What a truly fantastic written and executed performance by...continued

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Bruce Reider
Review from Bruce Reider
21 events 10 reviews

An amazing evening. Zachary Stevenson, who plays Buddy, is outstanding. The rest of the cast is multitalented and outstanding soloists in their own right. They had the audience on their feet and dancing in place by the end of the performance.

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