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5.0 / 5 Rated by 162 members
Maureen Markham
Review from Maureen Markham
17 events 13 reviews

Great cast and songs. Amazing voices. Fun experience. Not a bad seat in this theater.

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Review from Al
14 events 12 reviews

This was an excellent show. A lot of songs were performed. The audience was singing along and at the end people were dancing. If you are a fan of Buddy Holly or Rock n Roll you will love this show. The acting crew was so talented playing...continued

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Bruce Reider
Review from Bruce Reider
21 events 10 reviews

An amazing evening. Zachary Stevenson, who plays Buddy, is outstanding. The rest of the cast is multitalented and outstanding soloists in their own right. They had the audience on their feet and dancing in place by the end of the performance.

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Review from Eileen
20 events 10 reviews

Great show.......perfect seats!!

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Review from Margie
11 events 9 reviews

High Energy show! Staff at theatre is great! Valet parking is quick and efficient.

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Review from rip
23 events 9 reviews

so much talent on stage.i must see it again. impossibly lush musical numbers and such energy.a privilege being an audience member!

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Peggy Marciniak
Review from Peggy Marciniak
24 events 8 reviews

It was a great performance. Used your valet parking as NO parking in the area. It was multi-generational. All the performers were fantastic, especially the Buddy Holly role. He received all of us in the lobby as we were leaving the theatre. ...continued

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Finette DuFour
Review from Finette DuFour
57 events 6 reviews

Fabulous show in a small, intimate theatre! Entire cast was fantastic. Highly recommend!

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Christy Daniel
Review from Christy Daniel
19 events 5 reviews

Full of high energy and great talent! A must see!

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Helene Domash
Review from Helene Domash
22 events 5 reviews

Hand clapping ,foot stomping fun.Super talented cast.
Well told story.

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Marlene Berman
Review from Marlene Berman
9 events 5 reviews

I was a big Buddy Holly fan back in the day. I knew the words to many of the songs and quietly sang along. The energy in the room was electric. Good production in a small space.

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Carole and Mick
Review from Carole and Mick
49 events 5 reviews

I wasn’t sure whether it would be a good storyline or just so-so talent...the production was well past my expectations....excellent and what a talented group! Great experience.

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terri silverstone
Review from terri silverstone
64 events 5 reviews

The talent in this cast is fabulous! The story and the songs, of course, are Buddy Holly rich, but the delivery is what really packs the punch.

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Review from Chrisc
9 events 4 reviews

I didn't get enough the first time around. I'm coming to see it again with several friends.
It was very very good.

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donna vanoni
Review from donna vanoni
13 events 4 reviews

Loved this play. Saw it twice in three months. Took my whole family. Was disappointed I paid full price and a few days later you added more tickets to Gold Star . A big deal to us seniors on a buget. We had a short window as my daughter from...continued

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Review from She
9 events 4 reviews

Our seats were the very highest seats in the house (we were sitting on folding chairs next to the sound people in the back). We could see just fine, but the
a/c was blowing so strong up there that we were freezing. One person told us that there...continued

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Review from mushi
5 events 4 reviews

We had the worst seats in the house and we were only forty feet from the stage. It was a great production, with outstanding performances. We might see it again.

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Randall Albers
Review from Randall Albers
9 events 3 reviews

A fine show, very energetic and entertaining. And Zachary Stevenson is a bundle of talent.

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Jolanta Swieton
Review from Jolanta Swieton
52 events 3 reviews

Great performance!!! Zachary Stevenson is amazing as a Buddy Holly.

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Review from SSROSS
5 events 3 reviews

It was excellent- so much talent and energy. Can’t rave enough. Go see it!!!

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