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Barbara Ross
Review from Barbara Ross
34 events 18 reviews

FOr the most part, the sketches & Improv were entertaining and worth the $5 price of admission.

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Eric Bays
Review from Eric Bays
28 events 17 reviews

AWESOME SHOW! The 2nd group was Roboctopus and they were very funny. They are playing again on Saturday May 1st at 10:30, so we'll be going back for sure to see them. And it was BYOB!

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Eric Bays
Review from Eric Bays
28 events 17 reviews

This was the best improv I've seen in a long time, better then anything at any of the other improv theaters. All 3 groups were great, especially Roboctopus and 21st Century Men. Plus, you can BYOB at this theater and that makes for a fun cheap...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
14 events 11 reviews

There were three groups that performed. It was almost like they had no idea what they were doing. I have been to a few different improv shows and was really disappointed with this one. BTW - it smells soooooooooooooooooooooo bad in this theater. I...continued

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Donna S.
Review from Donna S.
16 events 10 reviews

It was a fun night of comedy, performed by different groups of local comedians. It was definitely worth the price--less than a movie, and very entertaining!

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Review from Banana
10 events 9 reviews

I didn't like it because they canceled the show due a low amount of audience members. I was refunded for the cost of the ticket, but had to eat the Goldstar fees and wasted my time driving and parking for this show.

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Review from alison
9 events 8 reviews

The headliner, Rainbow Deli, was the best of the three acts. They perform every Saturday. This was a fun, inexpensive night out. There is a bar with great selection. I would go again!

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Sarah Rose
Review from Sarah Rose
11 events 7 reviews

The Improv house teams were fantastic and BC, the musical two-man sketch show was hilarious! This a wonderful place to go for some great laughs!

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Review from indokp@gmail.com
14 events 6 reviews

3 acts. Just mediocre to ok. Seems like a great group of people but just needs to build more on talent. Progressively did get better but wouldn't recommend it to a friend.

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Review from Jason
19 events 6 reviews

Good show for the price. Don't forget to BYOB!!

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Bruce Vetrovec
Review from Bruce Vetrovec
36 events 6 reviews

Small, intimate location, enthusiastic performance, lots of laughs & energy, easy to park on the street & BYOB a big plus! Give it a try!!!!

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Naz F.
Review from Naz F.
22 events 6 reviews

They were all very creative. It was a wonderful show!

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Review from A.M.
12 events 5 reviews

I really liked the show. Loved the BYOB.
Best group was Pimp prov who made a surprise ending. They were hilarious! They even picked on my group! I would definatley see them again.

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Steve Rish
Review from Steve Rish
8 events 4 reviews

BYOB and some funny improv troupes, what more could you ask for? Good times!

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Review from Maribel
31 events 4 reviews

Very good show. Extremely funny.

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Review from Jay
3 events 3 reviews

Excellent comedy, and a great time!

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Beth Burnside
Review from Beth Burnside
4 events 3 reviews

I had so much fun. The three groups that were showcased were funny in their own ways. It was cool to see each different style of comedy. Michael Pizza was the best though! Hilarious!!!

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Review from attheroxy
5 events 3 reviews

This is a very small venue. Great place to see a show if you don't mind the cramped quarters. I actually prefer small venues. Three different comedy troupes performed and all of them were entertaining and everyone seemed to have a great time....continued

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Mark Schwartzman
Review from Mark Schwartzman
22 events 2 reviews

Comedy was sort of bleh. Some off-color jokes about the Holocaust - very unfunny. Most audience members were drunk (it was byob) - I think you had to be drunk or stoned to appreciate most of the humor.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
4 events 2 reviews

Generally, the groups seemed to have themselves together, but sometimes a theme got pounded a little hard. The third group, who I would rate the best, was a bit homophobic. It would be fun to see how they would do with several variables, such...continued

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