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Cheryl Victorine
Review from Cheryl Victorine
Red Velvet 32 events 5 reviews

We had a great evening, the play was very funny, the crowd participation was hysterical. One of our girlfriends made her stage debut assisting the lead actor who was amazing, kept the crowd engaged with a very quick wit. Such a fun evening, want...continued

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Review from Suzysnowquake
32 events 21 reviews

Fun time. Brought back many memories of grade school.

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Stevie B.
Review from Stevie B.
106 events 21 reviews

It was a cute experience. The bingo was cute. The setting was in a classroom type of room, from back in the late 60's and early 70's. Anyone who went to catholic grade school in the era will appreciate it. The chairs were all hooked together, so...continued

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Review from RadR
36 events 14 reviews

Wonderful holiday show for anyone (especially families). A nice simple show that keeps moving through actual Bingo games for very special prizes.

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Review from CS
60 events 13 reviews

Great fun! Perfect if you are looking for something preteens or teenagers would enjoy along with adults.

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Review from Joan
31 events 11 reviews

The performance was entertaining and fun. Many members of the audience were seasoned participators in Vicki Quade's interactive performance style and enthusiastically joined in the fun ad-libbing with her. The prizes were great. Such...continued

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Review from PamDevendorf
12 events 10 reviews

I've been reading the reviews for Christmas Bingo and the Regular Bingo show for about 2 years and finally booked tickets for the "show". The show is held on the 2nd floor of the Royal George Theater. As you walk down the hallway, they have added...continued

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Review from Denise205
23 events 10 reviews

Not the most comfortable theater, with meeting-style chairs sitting too close together, but once you get past that, the show is a lot of fun. The actress was quick on her feet and ran a fast-paced bingo game between leading the audience in...continued

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Smilin' Dave
Review from Smilin' Dave
9 events 7 reviews

This was a fun show, with hysterical prizes. The intimacy of the room and the reasonableness of the ticket prices were great. Loved Vicki's stories and we had many good laughs. It was inspiring after the show hearing a little more about her...continued

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Review from SassyLdy
9 events 6 reviews

Interactive ~ Lots of Laughs ~ Great Time!! Highly recommended

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Review from jlodal
7 events 6 reviews

This is a cute show. The jokes were good, the nun was fantastic! She shares about different aspects of Christmas in between Bingo games. Pretty low key venue but a fun Saturday night.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
7 events 6 reviews

We loved Sister Mary Margaret and her wisdom in the classroom. It is a wonderful entertaining show for the whole family. The Bingo prizes were priceless! We dined after the show at Vinci about a block away and valet parked there before going the...continued

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Wendy Brusich
Review from Wendy Brusich
16 events 4 reviews

It simply was not entertaining. There were not enough opportunities for jokes or humor to even be possible. There didn't even seem to be a point o any of it. If you are looking to play a few rounds of bingo in an uncomfortable setting then you...continued

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Angela Alonzoonate
Review from Angela Alonzoonate
5 events 4 reviews

Our church choir attended as a group. We laughed the entire time. Time flew as it was so entertaining. We had a great crowd that engaged which just made our experience delightful.

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Review from Ragtop
12 events 4 reviews

This Show Was Pretty Funny. It Could Have Had More Pymt Moments..Maybe More 'catholic' Details And Stories. Audience Interaction Was Fun.

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Review from Alicia
11 events 4 reviews

Very funny! I brought my parents and they loved it. I still think Late Night Catechism is funnier, but this is still a very funny play. I would recommend to anyone

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Mary Franceschina
Review from Mary Franceschina
26 events 4 reviews

Was a fun filled night, everyone got involved the laughs were plenty!! Highly recommend!!

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Review from angel
10 events 4 reviews

What a wonderful afternoon for a get-together for my sister and I.
We really enjoyed the interaction with the audience. Mary made
the show! The seating is a bit tight; not too safe if there were
an emergency. But we really would recommend this...continued

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Review from Paul
9 events 3 reviews

Christmas Bingo was very entertaining, funny, and interactive with the audience. Suitable for ages 10-80 and there was that diverse an age group at the performance I attended. I highly recommend this show.

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Laurie S.
Review from Laurie S.
12 events 3 reviews

I saw "Late Nite Catechism" a few years ago and really enjoyed it, and so was excited to see "Christmas Bingo." I wasn't disappointed. Vicki Quade was very funny, and it's a fun interactive show. Seating was very tight - I wish there was a bit...continued

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