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Ray Q.
Review from Ray Q.
434 events 406 reviews

The usual acrobatic magic that Cirque does so well, with very pretty music. The characters were so likeable and the story had a great emotional arc, that felt forgotten and unresolved with a rather wimpy ending of BMX bike stunts. I know some...continued

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Herr Vic
Review from Herr Vic
411 events 87 reviews

I've been attending Cirque performances ever since they first came to Chicago in the mid eighties. I've never missed one, and I've never been disappointed. They still continue to amaze and delight, bringing joy to people of all ages. If you've...continued

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Mary Cuny
Review from Mary Cuny
31 events 19 reviews

Feats of exquisite agility, strength, and talent. From bike trips to rings to trampoline to great music and singing. Well done and in great sync and rhythm and timing.

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Annette Collins
Review from Annette Collins
19 events 12 reviews

I agree with previous comments that I've read about this performance ... it's good but not great. I wanted to see a "Cirque" show because of one I saw years ago. I love their precision, beauty, and originality. I know that the performers are top...continued

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Review from Smeltgirl
57 events 10 reviews

The show was cancelled after everyone was seated and 20 minutes after it was supposed to start. No word as to why, so I presume the cause was rain, but it was pouring the entire time. I was left with the impression they knew they would cancel,...continued

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camille einoder
Review from camille einoder
59 events 9 reviews

The show was well choreographed and the talent was outstanding. The comedian was an absolute joy and the entire show was truly electric. My companion was enchanted by the grace of the lady suspended by her hair. We are telling all our friends...continued

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Review from SBeiersdorf
17 events 8 reviews

Great show! Lots of energy, poise and strength. These performers and all of the behind the scene set up is truly amazing. Enjoyed the fantastic violin playing and vocals too. We never miss a Summer Cirque show!!

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Review from Lisa
10 events 8 reviews

It started out slow at first, but then became wonderfully intriguing. The acrobatics were fantastic. The best part is watching the performers who really seem to enjoy performing.

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Review from pdkizzov
63 events 7 reviews

The trampoline act was outstanding, the flying bikes, women hoisted by her hair & the acrobatic rings pretty good, but the rest just ok.

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Renate S.
Review from Renate S.
23 events 5 reviews

amazing inspiring feats highlighting what the body is capable of. a thoroughly enjoyable performance.

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Billy Vitucci
Review from Billy Vitucci
7 events 5 reviews

Exciting, beautiful and all around great entertainment. Private party in the VIP so we had to choose the lounge, which was worth it. Great service, ample choices and fun atmosphere that added to the experience. Definitely would do this again next...continued

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Graciela Matias
Review from Graciela Matias
8 events 3 reviews

Amazing show ???

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Elizabeth Stratieva
Review from Elizabeth Stratieva
9 events 3 reviews

Great show. A must see for us :)

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Michael Montenegro
Review from Michael Montenegro
7 events 2 reviews


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Annalisa Tsai
Review from Annalisa Tsai
5 events 2 reviews

Both seats and show were great!

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Elaine Davis
Review from Elaine Davis
27 events 2 reviews

From entrance to exiting the experience was amazing. Everyone at entry was very respectful & courteous, which means a lot to me. The show was fantastic. Loved the singer/violinist & the glittered twirling lady the most. Also the male singer...continued

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Kevin Budinger
Review from Kevin Budinger
6 events 2 reviews

Great show! Not a huge fan of Cirque but my girlfriend loves it. Plus Goldstar’s tickets put us 3rd row from the stage!

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Review from Suewaszhere
7 events 2 reviews

This was my adult son and my 4th show and it was the best one so far. The performers and artists were amazing. Loved the music, the dancing, the acrobatics and the theatrics. Memorable. We brought 4 new people to the show with us and now they are...continued

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Christine Kreuz
Review from Christine Kreuz
12 events 2 reviews

Very disappointed...not the usual oh wow production I'm used to..not very good this time

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M Lebron
Review from M Lebron
1 event 1 review

A soaring achievement of unlimited human joy. A living demonstration that Together, We are Stronger.

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