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Maureen Eisenberg
Review from Maureen Eisenberg
Red Velvet 277 events 178 reviews

Louie Anderson was TERRIFIC!!!! Nice venue to see a show. Drinks were pricey, probably average for trendy West Loop spots. Staff was very nice. We'd definitely come back!

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Review from WindyDavy
Red Velvet 490 events 100 reviews

Good food, but the music was not comparable to the YouTube material I based my purchase on. My soundmeter app registered 90 db or slightly louder. We paid and left early. I mentioned the sound to the front desk staff and learned that the sound man...continued

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Arts Lover
Review from Arts Lover
Red Velvet 80 events 39 reviews

Very talented group with sharp, hilarious, witty skits. Excellent singing and parody of politicos - most look the part too! (Unfortunately), a ton of material to work with. Small, cozy venue.

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Review from Pistachio
Red Velvet 66 events 37 reviews

I’m 72 and thought it was “Christian Tango” and was excited for a new way to hear Scripture ?Well it was his name not his religion and it was Argentina guitar player and no dancing I wanted to do the tango!
The waitress and staff were so...continued

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Review from Sabbatical
Red Velvet 51 events 34 reviews

Have always enjoyed good reserved seating through Goldstar. Lots of intg wine choices & simple appetizers. We usually eat somewhere else around there as there are so many good choices. Sound system & service above average for a comedy show or...continued

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Review from dedelberg
Red Velvet 71 events 32 reviews

The place was 3/4 empty but the service was very slow. Hard to get drinks and at the end had to track down waitress to get the check on time to get into the show.
Anne Hampton Calloway was wonderful but sitting on the far left side, behind the...continued

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Pam Zidarich
Review from Pam Zidarich
Red Velvet 66 events 25 reviews

I just love this venue. This is the best room in the city to see a show! In addition to the wonderful music we experienced I cannot say enough about the spectacular staff at City Winery. This is the 3rd time I've been there with my mother who...continued

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Review from Moeknowes
Red Velvet 153 events 15 reviews

Great music and venue. Food inconsistent. Salmon dry, pita bread bland, monkfish good. Wine good.

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Leona Lee Maglaya
Review from Leona Lee Maglaya
Red Velvet 16 events 3 reviews

The casual informal entertainment involving audience participation was wonderful.
Great way to wash off the week's challenges with the joy of music.

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Creola Kizart-Hampton
Review from Creola Kizart-Hampton
Red Velvet 2 events 1 review

There should always be a local opening act.

Restaurant needs to create more appetizers -- and an appetizer platter. Easier to eat during concert and conversation.

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Kim West
Review from Kim West
113 events 65 reviews

Great event and even better location for dinner or a concert or for just drinks. A must visit when in Chicago! Saw Dwele in concert too!

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Olga UrSt
Review from Olga UrSt
99 events 62 reviews

Nice place, and the Hackensaw boys was a fun band.

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Review from DF
72 events 50 reviews

It was ok. Food good; service was a little sketchy. Ms. Aimee was fine, though she gives her pianist and bassist too many solo riffs. We paid to see her.

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Review from Pambriz
44 events 36 reviews

Every show at City Winery is great!

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Review from Pambriz
44 events 36 reviews

If you're from Chicago or not, it's a must visit. Loved the show!

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Review from Pambriz
44 events 36 reviews

The only thing missing for Tortured Soul was a dance floor.

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Review from Judy
61 events 35 reviews

Ann Hampton Calloway is a powerful, interesting, and creative singer. I enjoyed the theme of this show. The seat was excellent.

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Lylo N.
Review from Lylo N.
64 events 33 reviews

Glenn is a great vocalist. He can sang and he did a great job. Thank u Goldstar for the discounted tixs. Love City Winery, it’s so intimate.

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Lylo N.
Review from Lylo N.
64 events 33 reviews

Great performance. Melanie is underrated as an artist. I would see her again. Decent seats, tight area. I wish they could reconfigure their seating.

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Lylo N.
Review from Lylo N.
64 events 33 reviews

I love Miki Howard’s songs but she was a bit messy last night. Voice is decent, she did too much extra with her voice, screaming, not singing lyrics with the beat, laying on the stage. There was just too much going on. Said she was hot well...continued

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