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Chicago Neighborhoods
Meet at Mickey's 2450 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60614
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*What to Bring:


1. Digital camera or camera phone 

2. Pen

3. Comfortable clothes and sneakers

4. Money (about $5-8/per person for incidentals — your team might have to buy something during the Adventure, but nothing over $3)

5. Water (bring it or buy it during the race)

*Prizes: *The winning team gets $300, second place gets $100, third place gets $50!

CitySolve Urban Race will have three contests in addition to the race prizes:

1. Best Costume 

2. Best Tweet (creative/funniest)

3. Facebook Raffle

So wear your Sunday’s best, or not! And get those creative juices flowing ’cause you might take home a $50 gift card to your favorite restaurant/retail store!

About the Ticket Supplier: CitySolve

CitySolve is a unique city-wide adventure that takes a lot of brain, a bit of brawn, and a ton of fun! More than a scavenger hunt, not quite a road race, this unique hybrid combines trivia, from pop culture to world history, with a team-oriented adventure. It’s the race for runners who like to think, thinkers who like to compete, and everyone who likes to play. Throw in a few checkpoint challenges, (think Double Dare, without the slime,) and you’ve got CitySolve Urban Race!