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Reginal Bulus
Review from Reginal Bulus
Red Velvet 135 events 59 reviews

Great show and very interactive.

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Anders Stubkkjaer
Review from Anders Stubkkjaer
Red Velvet 54 events 27 reviews

Great audience involvement

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Leona Lee Maglaya
Review from Leona Lee Maglaya
Red Velvet 12 events 3 reviews

Exciting for all generations and cultures. Tremendous fun w/ 500+ audience members having their own djembe drum waiting for them in their seats. Experience brought back our optimistic warrior spirits in these bizarre times. I'm coming w/ friends &...continued

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Review from Meta
54 events 24 reviews

Gave these tickets to my teen daughter and an exchange student from Japan. Two completely different personalities, one urban, the other rural, a few years apart in age, it's not easy to choose entertainment to suit them both. I wanted something...continued

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Review from Meta
54 events 24 reviews

Lots of fun.

The show explains how traditional drumming of West Africa migrated to the Americas with enslaved people, integrated with European musical styles and evolved into many types of modern music. The cast performs a wide variety of songs...continued

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Review from David
127 events 22 reviews

Unique, high energy event -great music!

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Review from Mauricef
72 events 18 reviews

Djembe is great! Audience participation on another level. Each and every seat comes with a Djembe drum and what develops is lots of rhythmic fun for entire family.

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Schuman #1
Review from Schuman #1
40 events 18 reviews

Interactive. Great for music lovers, retracing American music roots and history. First class performers, singers, story tellers. The audience ate it up; it was fun to be a part of it all!

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Review from rip
36 events 17 reviews

its so wonderful to actually be part of the show.i loved the history of music lesson too.

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Review from Carmelita
24 events 16 reviews

Participation lifted my spirit. There was a djembe drum in every seat, so the audience participated. Instructions for playing the bass and the tone were given, practice followed, and then we did our part in the performance. We also interacted...continued

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Review from NewYorker
32 events 11 reviews

The set, the colors are breathtaking when you walk in. Only to find drums on each seat. It is exciting, educational, and musical. All great things but when you add the interactivity of the audience. I laughed and smiled so much my cheeks hurt...continued

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Polly Shaykin
Review from Polly Shaykin
18 events 8 reviews

This was a fun, audience involved show. Everyone gets a drum and gets to participate in the show. The kids in the audience had alot of fun as well as the adults. Music and singing was great

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Review from SassyLdy
9 events 6 reviews

Amazing Experience ~ highly recommend it!

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Lynn G
Review from Lynn G
12 events 6 reviews

Djembe did NOT disappoint. The athleticism and stamina of these talented performers was astounding. Djembe cleverly invites the audience to join a musical journey to explore the influence and evolution of the African Drum beat in all genres of...continued

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Maria Barlow
Review from Maria Barlow
15 events 6 reviews

Excellent show!!! A must see

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Review from ChgoSista
10 events 6 reviews

It was cool--I probably should've gone to an evening show instead of the afternoon one--too many kids for me. It'd be nice if the show could have an adult version as far as production, song selection, etc.

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Review from Judy
9 events 6 reviews

So much fun!!!! Beautiful voices, beautiful musicians, and staging. I wish it could have gone on and on.

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Dan Sher
Review from Dan Sher
21 events 5 reviews

It was a lot of fun for the whole family. Very different from anything else you have done or gone to.

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Frank Meccia
Review from Frank Meccia
36 events 5 reviews

Tonight, was a transformative musical experience at the Apollo theatre. As you walk in the theatre every seat comes with a West Africa drum called the Djembe, beckoning you to touch and play it, and let your inner soul come out. With the help of...continued

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Julie R.
Review from Julie R.
10 events 5 reviews

We really enjoyed this upbeat show! It was a lot of fun to drum along with the music. The energetic and positive performers provided instruction, so you didn’t need to be a percussionist to participate. The show featured a musical tour of the...continued

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