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Review from Liya
18 events 4 reviews

Awesome show! Loved the crew and audience participation! Be aware that it’s 90 mins no intermission, so make sure to use the restroom before the show starts. Enjoy!

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Review from Mtgk
13 events 4 reviews

Funny, lively and entertaining for all

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Suzanne Zayak
Review from Suzanne Zayak
11 events 3 reviews

Fun date night!

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Review from Moneymasternow
8 events 3 reviews

Really be something to take kids over 6 years old.
For real family friendly. Had an inclusive story.

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Sid B
Review from Sid B
4 events 2 reviews

A great show with incredible energy. The performers were all wonderfully talented. Fun from start to finish.

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MC Williams
Review from MC Williams
26 events 2 reviews

Amazing show!

Fun, interactive and relatable. Most of the songs and arrangements are all interconnected.

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Review from Deird
10 events 2 reviews

Fantastic show!! Can’t wait to see it again!!

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Sarah Moore
Review from Sarah Moore
9 events 2 reviews

My two teenage kids and I really enjoyed the show. It was a perfect thing to do on Mother's Day -- very upbeat and educational at the same time.

The only disappointing thing was that I was on the end of the row next to the wall and could not see...continued

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Review from Rose
18 events 2 reviews

The best show, full of energy and engages audience from the start. It was the best feeling to see my teenage daughter and her friend enjoying every minute of the show. We wanted more!

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Stephanie Fravel
Review from Stephanie Fravel
4 events 2 reviews

The show was great! High-energy music ther was full of spirit was perfect for both kids and adults. We took our 9 and 11 year-old nephews, and they appeared to enjoy themselves. We even learned something, too!

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Shawndra Lucas
Review from Shawndra Lucas
9 events 1 review

A lot of fun! But be prepared for a workout!

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Starlet Jenkins
Review from Starlet Jenkins
6 events 1 review

Engaging, interactive, and very informative. Djembe is an excellent choice for a date, a girl's/guy's night, family night, etc. The production appealed to all ages, all genders, all ability levels, etc. A "must experience" production!

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Sue Bak
Review from Sue Bak
9 events 1 review

Excellent show!

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Helen Mata
Review from Helen Mata
5 events 1 review

Great music and most of all a great message for everyone who attends.

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Nakisha McCants
Review from Nakisha McCants
16 events 1 review

Have a wonderful time and the show was excellent.

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Courtney Hanson
Review from Courtney Hanson
4 events 1 review

I really love how they delivered the story of music and the reminder of being positive no matter what. The incorporation of God and love was very moving and the the reminder to pray in order to revoke the negative energy/thinking was great. The...continued

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Kenneth Wells
Review from Kenneth Wells
1 event 1 review

I'll BE BACK!!!

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Amy Johnson
Review from Amy Johnson
4 events 1 review

It was a great experience at a great venue! I hope to come back to this theatre again!

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Ramon Murphy
Review from Ramon Murphy
18 events 1 review

It was amazing. What a great interactive show!

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Marsha Melsheimer
Review from Marsha Melsheimer
3 events 1 review

Loved the concept--the history of the djembe and rhythm and then all the different styles! The message of community and room for everyone were very uplifting! And, playing with everyone in the room--having different parts--very exciting! The...continued

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