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Zbigniew Ziggy Malecki
Review from Zbigniew Ziggy Malecki
Red Velvet 554 events 58 reviews

23576658 - Rebecca Spence!!!

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Review from cobbnb
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Interesting interactive play - the audience participation adds so much to the experience in this small intimate setting in the south loop.

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Review from Joyce
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Rebecca Spence is fabulous in this quirky, intelligent one woman show about a woman haunted by her mother’s ongoing suicidal behavior. Spence draws the audience into the performance, making them integral parts of the story. Her enthusiasm &...continued

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Elizabeth Coyle Kominski
Review from Elizabeth Coyle Kominski
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Absolutely brilliant! What an amazing experience. I was blown away by the actress and the audience who so willingly joined in. You have to see it!

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Stephen Keen
Review from Stephen Keen
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Amazing piece of theater. Rebecca's energy and emotions infected the whole audience. We loved it.

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Review from mlemme
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Excellent performance and inspirational!

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Review from virginia50
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Fabulous actress; she could read the phone book and make it interesting.
A very good play and extremely well done.
Would recommend to anyone.

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Review from Brndee
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If you are looking for a very original and cleverly presented experience, this is your ticket. A one-woman piece, brilliantly played by Rebecca Spence, in which every member of the audience also has some part to play, is probably a little...continued

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Ted smith
Review from Ted smith
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Rebecca Spence is a treasure to Chicago. What a fantastic performance. And she got my wife to take off her shoe and sock and be a pretend school psychologist with a sock puppet.

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Bonny Galazka
Review from Bonny Galazka
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