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older theater fan
Review from older theater fan
Red Velvet 220 events 72 reviews

Confusing if you didn’t know the stories. Very well acted. Not appropriate for any child.

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Alexia Durocher
Review from Alexia Durocher
Red Velvet 25 events 10 reviews

first i did not believe the others that said it was cold in there-it is! and i run very hot!!
i thought the play was really great as far as the acting and how the sets were changed ans the actors were still acting.
i guess my only thing was i...continued

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Rob Bender
Review from Rob Bender
84 events 32 reviews

Outstanding music, performances and special effects. Actors draw you in to the scene with passion in their dialog and acting. Best version I have seen to date

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Margaret Pajakowski
Review from Margaret Pajakowski
24 events 10 reviews

Follows the novel closely, and adds insights into the lives of the Shelleys. Well staged and acted.

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Review from KK
10 events 8 reviews

Such a phenomenal production! Absolutely stunning - singing, dancing, acrobats, and top notch acting!!

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Liz Bowman
Review from Liz Bowman
28 events 7 reviews

I did not enjoy it at all. To start, the music played before and at intermission was way too loud and gave me a headache. If I had not read a summary of the play I would not have gotten anything from the play. Not an enjoyable afternoon.

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Jeff Heider
Review from Jeff Heider
17 events 2 reviews

I had an AMAZING seat in the front row, so close that the actors' clothes were brushing against my legs. This play was stunning and intense! I loved it so much!!

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Arpana Uppal
Review from Arpana Uppal
11 events 2 reviews

Wonderful show, the acting was just amazing. So great how they did the a full 360 show and no one felt like they missed out. The show is better for a mature audience. If you read the background of the people in the lobby of the theatre before the...continued

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Nancy Pirri
Review from Nancy Pirri
1 event 1 review

Amazing! The set, the special effects, the ACTORS! I was incredible impressed throughout the whole play.

BUT... froze my butt off... way too cold - I understand it has to be the right temp for the actors - but I noticed most of the audience...continued

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Kathy Gabriel
Review from Kathy Gabriel
10 events 1 review

Don’t miss this imaginative and complex look at Mary Shelley and the haunted night that brought Frankenstein to life.

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Ed Noha
Review from Ed Noha
14 events 1 review

Great acting and staging! Intense!

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David Sullivan
Review from David Sullivan
8 events 1 review

One of the best productions I've ever seen! Compelling, intimate, moving -- theatre at its best.

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Sharon Siczka Campbell
Review from Sharon Siczka Campbell
7 events 1 review

So creative and engaging! The venue was perfect as it was intimate and you were close to the actors!

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