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Barbara Chandler
Review from Barbara Chandler
20 events 4 reviews

Really wonderful! The use of technology to tell the story was exceptional! All of the audio “stories” were the perfect length and worked perfectly! Loved the Hamilton score in the background but in some places it was a little too loud and...continued

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Kathy O'Rourke
Review from Kathy O'Rourke
9 events 4 reviews

The Hamilton Exhibit was so well organized from the progression of Hamilton’s life to the parking and shuttle. The guides were friendly and the audio experience was phenomenal. It was a wonderful day!

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Review from Cmiyashiro
10 events 4 reviews

Would recommend to everyone to see this exhibition. The presentation of the history of Hamilton was educational and facinating. I felt fortunate to be able to see the Hamilton Exhibition.

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Irv G.
Review from Irv G.
18 events 3 reviews

Amazing exhibition, so well presented. So glad that we went.

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Steve Palmer
Review from Steve Palmer
60 events 3 reviews

Interesting and well done but not compelling. Overpriced for what it is.

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Sally Kalmbach
Review from Sally Kalmbach
6 events 3 reviews

It was magnificent. Why can't it be a permanent exhibit?

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Review from Chris
9 events 3 reviews

Plan for two hours or more. There's a rich amount of information. Parking is tricky, but the experience is well worth it.

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Catherine Fossier Reynolds
Review from Catherine Fossier Reynolds
6 events 3 reviews

So well done. Exhibits were beautiful, narration was a great help. Sets straight several points from the show where Lin took artistic liberties, so if you don't know, now you know. Awesome. Wow.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
6 events 3 reviews

The exhibition was excellent, and especially the surprise at the end! Thank you, Lin-Manuel Miranda, for making Hamilton accessible to all of us!

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Leah Keane
Review from Leah Keane
8 events 3 reviews

Well curated, creative staging, interesting historical details. Enough allusions to the musical to interest fans, including where artistic license diverged from historical fact. Educational and entertaining. Too bad it's closing earlier,...continued

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Renee Gora
Review from Renee Gora
10 events 3 reviews

Well done presentation as you are able to walk through each room at your own pace. Excellent attention to detail in this tour through history !!

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Wencke Braathen
Review from Wencke Braathen
15 events 2 reviews

A visual extravaganza of US history and a peak into the personal life of a brilliant man who contributed greatly to the forming of this nation and the template for democracy sought after all over the world.

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Paul Guymon
Review from Paul Guymon
8 events 2 reviews

An amazing event! Everyone who has the chance should experience it.

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Wencke Braathen
Review from Wencke Braathen
15 events 2 reviews

Beautifully put together! Interesting displays. Fascinating presentation of a dramatic part of American history with enough reference to the Hamilton show to make it relevant, but little enough from the show to make it educational and fascinating....continued

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Paul Goebel
Review from Paul Goebel
6 events 2 reviews

Epic experience after having watched the show the day before. As feedback, I would have liked to have someone there to ask questions to at the end who really knows the historical events well. Thank you Lin for creating such an amazing experience!

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Review from John
8 events 2 reviews

Haven't seen the Play yet, but how is it that I never actually learned about the Revolutionary War?? Worth the 2 hours of Entertaining Education!

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Samantha Hathaway
Review from Samantha Hathaway
10 events 2 reviews

I enjoy history and the Hamilton Expedition is well done. It is fun to go to the different rooms, and see the progression of details. It is narrated with plenty of extras for those wanting extra information. I enjoyed the small plaques denoting...continued

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Review from Shayna
32 events 2 reviews

Informative, visually beautiful, exciting.

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Linda Mabry Kashyap
Review from Linda Mabry Kashyap
20 events 2 reviews

Innovative retelling of the real Hamilton. Exceptionally well done with friendly staff. My only complaint was that someone was setting up for a big event and there were a lot of construction vehicles and dirt to get to Exhibition Hall.

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Loretta Ann Neapolitan
Review from Loretta Ann Neapolitan
15 events 2 reviews

It was a great exhibit and everyone should go to see it and learn about our nations history! ??

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