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Faith Greising
Review from Faith Greising
1 event 1 review

Goldstar was easy to use and we loved the exhibit. I will use Goldstar in the future.

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Maimon Lusky
Review from Maimon Lusky
2 events 1 review

Great exhibit. Well done and very informative.

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Thomas Walsh
Review from Thomas Walsh
1 event 1 review

Great historical experience on The Hamiltononian Era.

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Review from Vertible
11 events 1 review

Great historical perspective beyond the theatrical performance. Great for kids.

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Kim Hacker
Review from Kim Hacker
3 events 1 review

Great interactive exhibit for history buffs - whether you have seen the show or not.

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Monica Flores Morales
Review from Monica Flores Morales
1 event 1 review

Greatly executed and attention to details. A must do. Bring your raincoat since you will have to walk from the trolley stop to the exhibition location.

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Toni Sandor Smith
Review from Toni Sandor Smith
6 events 1 review

I am bummed that this will be closing because a)it was beautifully creative, very educational and fun to go through and b) everyone (especially all the public school kids in the area) should see it.

It's unfortunate that Northerly Island is so...continued

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Marguerite Thonn
Review from Marguerite Thonn
1 event 1 review

I enjoyed the intro with Lin Miranda and Phillipa Soo. I also really enjoyed the 3D recording of Hamilton at the end of the exhibit. Between these two events I was disappointed that there weren't any artifacts, only facsimiles.

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Heather Nicole
Review from Heather Nicole
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I have seen the show and love the soundtrack already but the exhibition added much more to the whole Hamilton experience. There are plenty of new and interesting facts about the time period and the lives of all of those involved in the show-...continued

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Allen Kent
Review from Allen Kent
1 event 1 review

I loved it. So sorry it's going into storage. So interesting, well laid out and educational.

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Jessica T Feldman
Review from Jessica T Feldman
1 event 1 review

I thought it was an excellent installation with lots of complexity evident in the execution.
But the downloadable tickets did not arrive until today - a day late.. Glad I had my receipt.

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Anne Schmitt
Review from Anne Schmitt
2 events 1 review

If you love Hamilton the Musical, spend the extra $$ and go to the exhibition. So much care and details were put into this interactive museum experience. We loved it!

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Genevieve Kirchman
Review from Genevieve Kirchman
2 events 1 review

IF you’re interested in history or LOVED the musical, GO NOW!! We found the exhibit very interesting and creative in its presentation AND there were very few people when we attended which of course gave you the luxury of really experiencing the...continued

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Melinda N Slack
Review from Melinda N Slack
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It was a beautiful exhibit but the experience getting to the building was confusing and unpleasant. We came from out of town and took a cab to the site. We were dropped off at the main road and did not get instructions on how to find the...continued

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Barbara Pichert Psimoulis
Review from Barbara Pichert Psimoulis
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It was a great exhibit but three thoughts kept me wondering 1) Why does this even exist? If someone is eager to learn about this era of history, I'd be sure to recommend a vacation to the museums and national parks in Boston, Philadelphia, etc. ...continued

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Kevin Nielsen
Review from Kevin Nielsen
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It was a wonderful experience! We came from St. Louis to see this. I wish you would bring the exhibition to St. Louis. We’d go again. I liked that you could take your time going through the exhibition. There was some great information and...continued

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Diane McKenzie
Review from Diane McKenzie
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It was so AMAZING and informative! I hope everyone gets a chance to experience the exhibit before it goes away.

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Frank Mr Cub
Review from Frank Mr Cub
7 events 1 review

Much more than I had expected . The technology used for the battle of Yorktown was great !
The wonderful aspect of the play is that our young people learn about history .

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Patrick Fazzini
Review from Patrick Fazzini
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My daughter and I both enjoyed the exhibition. It was well done.
However, most of us have been "spoiled" by moving and talking figures via Disney World and even in Las Vegas. I was craving a more animated dueling scene, the climax of the history...continued

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Shaquea Baker
Review from Shaquea Baker
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My daughter ? loved

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