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Review from Magarottos
Red Velvet 148 events 4 reviews

I've seen this show five times, so figured it was my duty to finally laud these great performers for a consistently great night of improv. The ensemble does an absolutely phenomenal job creating a story of which Ol' Alfred would be proud. Take...continued

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John Capaul
Review from John Capaul
83 events 52 reviews
Review from Sante
92 events 31 reviews

This was a fun show. The cast did a great job while getting liquored up. Well done guys. That was impressive. It was a fun entertaining show and I enjoyed this immensely.

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Nick Meredith
Review from Nick Meredith
29 events 23 reviews

Improve + drinking + Hitchcock =AWESOMENESS!!
Although they had it easy when I yelled out Monkey Butlers for the theme, I have a feeling they could have made anything work. I would go again!

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jess Spring
Review from jess Spring
23 events 15 reviews

We've always loved the atmosphere of the Annoyance Theater! Its a great alternative to the more touristy destinations and still provides for high quality comedy. Hitch Cocktails itself was excellent! The cast members were so in-sync that it was...continued

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Richard Anton
Review from Richard Anton
25 events 12 reviews

4-1/2 STARS! Cast was great, atmosphere was fun, and prices (including drink prices) quite reasonable. Entertaining, and comfortable. I'm sure I'll go again!

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Review from Curx
22 events 12 reviews

Overall the show was funny, some of the typical pitfalls of improv, they did pretty well with it. Although, only 1 suggestion was taken from the audience for the whole thing. The drinking aspect of the show was amusing, the drinks purchased were...continued

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Kristina Ciangiola
Review from Kristina Ciangiola
36 events 9 reviews

The ensemble was tight and on the ball. It was a hysterical and intelligent performance. We'll definitely be going back with a larger group.

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Review from Chodz
19 events 8 reviews

It was hilarious! Great chemistry with the actors.

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Review from Michael
12 events 6 reviews

Exceptional cast, very witty and versatile! Fun night for our whole group!

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Review from Marianne
42 events 6 reviews

Oh god........if you think watching people get boozed up and less funny as they do so, this is the show for you. It had NOTHING TO DO WITH A PARODY OF HITCHCOCK, the performers talent greatly disappeared as the show wore on, the patrons who were...continued

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Review from Beth
4 events 4 reviews

We had a really great time and the show was very funny. Although I thought there would be more audience participation and once in awhile you missed a punch line due to the actors not speaking loud enough or facing away from us. We still had a...continued

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Donnamarie Calderon
Review from Donnamarie Calderon
9 events 4 reviews

Went for my birthday with friends and family. We really appreciate good improv. We were not disappointed!!

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Paulina Fadrowska
Review from Paulina Fadrowska
4 events 3 reviews

Great entertainment, great cast and a whole lot of laughs. I loved how well they took the audience suggestion of a peanut allergy and turned the show in to a masterpiece. The location is very comfortable, drinks and small bites to eat are...continued

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Review from Kalina
4 events 3 reviews

The actors were pretty great at acting and improvising. Most of the show seemed like it was pre-planned so I think they didn't improvise as much as I thought they would. I had a few laughs here and there, but nothing hysterical.

I want to give...continued

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Jamal Fisher
Review from Jamal Fisher
2 events 2 reviews

It was hilarious

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Erin Crowley
Review from Erin Crowley
1 event 1 review

Hitch*Cocktails was a really fun improv show, it was funny the first half when the story made sense and it was equally funny in the second half when the actors had drunk more and were a little less polished. I would definitely recommend this show...continued

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Review from Kelsey
1 event 1 review

I didn't think it was that funny...and was kind of hard to follow.

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Review from Kswan02
5 events 1 review

I really wanted to enjoy this show as I love the excitement and challenge of improv and I'm a huge fan of Hitchcock. However, this performance was terrible. Not even a tiny bit of structure or chemistry was evident between the cast and it was as...continued

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Review from Bilnan248
3 events 1 review

I was so hoping it would be funny...have seen many Second City improv performances. It was forced, sloppy and difficult to watch. Disappointed. Will not be back

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