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Review from Barbara
182 events 126 reviews

Great and complicated drama with issues of religion, academic freedom, family assets, problems with children, problems in marriages, sibling resentments, and care for aging parents. All something to think about! Wonderful acting and set!

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Sharon Hamilton
Review from Sharon Hamilton
246 events 74 reviews

Funny and heartbreaking at the same time. The writer totally nailed the family dynamics - raw and authentic. Great acting and set design. Run time is 2-1/2 hours with one intermission.

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Barbara LaSpesa
Review from Barbara LaSpesa
82 events 52 reviews

There were a lot of twists and turns showing loving siblings who had issues with life and sometimes with each other. They had different approaches and reasons how to work things out but they came together as a family because they had to. It's...continued

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Barbara Sandler
Review from Barbara Sandler
134 events 24 reviews

Felt some interest in the issues, but ultimately, it needs significant
revision. Could not really connect or, feel empathy, for any of the characters.
Or, the presumably painful feelings they were trying to express.

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Judith Kamins
Review from Judith Kamins
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My spouse and I discussed the play all the way home. The acting, stage setting and subjects were all perfect. The subject matter while difficult was treated in a thoughtful manner. I plan to tell all my friends to go to see it!

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Review from Yvonne
50 events 18 reviews

This play was the best one I have seen this season! Everything about it was excellent-the story, the actors, the set. Everyone should see it, for a thought provoking and fun evening.

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Rebecca Braithwaite
Review from Rebecca Braithwaite
41 events 11 reviews

Victory Garden has done it again! If I Forget was an amazing afternoon of theater in one of my favorite venues.

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Review from eugene.t.
120 events 7 reviews

Have to see it!

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Gregory Sterk
Review from Gregory Sterk
59 events 6 reviews

Family obligations, careers, money and siblings all trying to figure out life's journey. Never boring sometimes preachy, I enjoyed the themes of the author. The actors were "at the top of their game" and a shout out to lighting, sound and the...continued

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Maria Sonina
Review from Maria Sonina
35 events 6 reviews

Very interesting play, good acting. Play takes in consideration very important problems : Problem of identification, memory of ancestors history, family problems.
very recommended.

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Laurie Baskin
Review from Laurie Baskin
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Fabulous acting with a story that resonates within all of us. I felt like I was watching my own family eviscerating each other. There wasn’t a likable character....

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Judith Rice
Review from Judith Rice
1 event 1 review

Writing, acting, setting were all fantastic. Haven't seen a play with this much thoughtful, current, relevant content in years.

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