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Marianne Rubin
Review from Marianne Rubin
58 events 20 reviews

The actor was perfect as Lenny Bruce in voice and gestures, and the script was excellent. We thoroughly enjoyed it, if enjoyed is the right word for such a truly sad story. Anyone who ever heard Lenny Bruce should see this show.

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Terry Hefter
Review from Terry Hefter
73 events 14 reviews

Outstanding performance and production.

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Alison Nelson
Review from Alison Nelson
85 events 11 reviews

Excellent show. Superb writing and acting. Not to be missed.

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Christopher Kops
Review from Christopher Kops
31 events 11 reviews

Ronnie Marmo was absolutely amazing!!

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Review from judi
17 events 9 reviews

He performance by far exceeded my expectations, it was marvelous. Very informative as well.

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Review from Michelle
33 events 9 reviews

Ronnie Marmo did a great job. I learned a lot about Lenny.

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Review from vallarta
33 events 8 reviews

The acting was fantastic. We absolutely loved the show. It moved so quickly. He was absolutely the best. Bravo!

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Sheila Gideon
Review from Sheila Gideon
22 events 6 reviews

Enlightening and very well done!

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Review from dennis
11 events 4 reviews

wonderful show

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Faye Oskin
Review from Faye Oskin
15 events 3 reviews

Great acting and interpretation of Lenny Brice, a tragic figure.

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Review from gardengal58
5 events 3 reviews

Terrific performance by an outstanding actor truly captured the essence of the man. The sketches were on target. Mesmerizing to watch his transformation and decline. Well done. Recommended!

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Review from Jazzyart
10 events 2 reviews

Great play in a cool venue. The performance got better as it went along. I love the way the audience was engaged. Not really for anyone under 18!! Strong language but that's actually what the play is all about.
The only issue was with the bar...continued

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Maureen Carmichael
Review from Maureen Carmichael
8 events 2 reviews

Great show. Loved it! Very interesting and engaging. If you are interested in Lenny Bruce go see this!!

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Ana Johnson
Review from Ana Johnson
3 events 2 reviews

Loved it. Everything gets 10/10 from me: venue, staff, libations, story, jokes, acting, lighting. I thought I wouldn't be able to relate but I was wrong. Ticket purchases help support a good cause. The importance of freedom of speech is the theme...continued

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Review from Sher
14 events 2 reviews

the one man 90 minute presentation was marvelous. he never faltered for a moment and told a very sad story with complete professionalism. glad we went

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Alfio Palanca
Review from Alfio Palanca
4 events 2 reviews

Very thought provoking. Tremendous performance.

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Tom Tallman
Review from Tom Tallman
1 event 1 review

A tour de force.

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Brandon Marks
Review from Brandon Marks
22 events 1 review

Amazing performance in an intimate theater setting. Learned a lot about Lenny's struggles and who he has inspired in comedy. I highly recommend seeing this while you still can!

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Lisa Bracker
Review from Lisa Bracker
1 event 1 review

Amazing show!

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Lisa Lawson
Review from Lisa Lawson
2 events 1 review

Great performance! Loved that he met the audience in the lobby to chat after! Cute theatre! I would highly recommend this show!

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