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People who attended for the most part had gone to Catholic school as a child and had a frame of reference. There was a lot of laughter the first half. Some of it was preachy, esp the second half and towards the end. The comedienne had a marvelous...continued

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Review from Gino1990
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Pretty funny show, would have been even better if I was catholic and had the experience as a child growing up in that environment but I still got a kick out of it.

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Review from rottolino
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Really funny and I never went to Catholic school!

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Alexandra Gmurczyk
Review from Alexandra Gmurczyk
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Really funny! I felt just as if I was back in school :)

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Steven Cieslicki
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Returning to Sister's class after 20 years was a memorable experience. I recommend taking sister's class. Sister is sharp as a tack remembering your name, middle name and confirmation name. and don't be tardy.

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Diana Visk
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Seats were in the corner and very close together - the theatre has 3 shows starting at the same time creates alot of chaos

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Lisa Stark
Review from Lisa Stark
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Show was good but I left wanting a bit more comedy.

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Connie Wade
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Show was hilarious. I don't remember the last time I laughed so much. Brought back so many memories. Me and my sister had a great time. (The tardy sisters)..I would def see it again.

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Winifred C McDonald
Review from Winifred C McDonald
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Sister was wonderful. Very funny and involved the audience.

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Dave Durbin
Review from Dave Durbin
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Small crowd but it made it more interactive. I expected irreverence and couldn't have been more wrong. Great performance, totally enjoyable experience. Highly recommended.

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Stephen Lewis
Review from Stephen Lewis
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SO MANY MEMORIES. Some good and some bad. We laughed so hard. We plan to return each every year.

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Such a fun show, full of laughs. Highly recommend.

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The nun did say a few funny lines but didnt have me laughing the whole time.

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Daniel Acosta
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The nun was hilarious, she really played the part. She interacted with everyone in the audience. Its a definite must see, doesn't matter what religious belief, all are welcome. Had a blast!!!!!

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Kim Zinman
Review from Kim Zinman
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The show was hilarious - I brought 3 guests who had never seen the show, and they LOVED it!

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Benno Rosenthal
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There is a reason why this show has been playing forever. You do not have to be Catholic to enjoy this show. The interaction with the audience is half the fun. We will see this show again next time we visit Chicago.

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This interaction classroom with our Catholic teacher was hilarious, educational, and delightful! We would definitely go back!

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Review from 360media
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This is the second time we've seen this show, it's a lot of fun. Especially for anyone who has memories of those parochial school days - the nuns - the rules - the gum on the nose - the rulers across the knuckles. Not so fun when we were living...continued

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Susan Smith
Review from Susan Smith
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This one-woman play is especially great for people who attended Catholic school years ago. And although my husband is a "public" he had a lot of fun too. When you attend this play, you enter a classroom situation and will be called-on by the nun...continued

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Jane delaney
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This performance was hilarious! Sister's timing, quick wit and ability to engage the audience were remarkable. I was transported to my seventh grade classroom on the south side of Chicago! The dialogue was sharp and timely. sister's holy card...continued

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