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Review from gpsimeon
19 events 11 reviews

Lots of fun. We got front row seats and were able to fully participate. Very refreshing.

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Review from Dale
20 events 11 reviews

This was a lot of fun. Very funny. 20 bucks at Goldstar!! Can't go wrong at this one.

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Lucy In The Sky!
Review from Lucy In The Sky!
49 events 11 reviews

We loved the show. It was a perfect night!

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Nancy Leonard Livingston
Review from Nancy Leonard Livingston
41 events 11 reviews

We were in Chicago celebrating a birthday and decided to take in the show - having been raised Catholic, the material was familiar and hysterically funny. We loved the classroom feel and enjoyed the show tremendously. Its appropriate for adults...continued

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Review from PJ
29 events 10 reviews

Hilarious! Go even if you are not Catholic. I'm Jewish and I still appreciated the humor. Felt like I was back in elementary school! There was not a dull moment, and Sister kept the audience engaged singlehandedly for almost two hours. We went...continued

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Review from n/a
53 events 10 reviews

It was a lot of fun and Sister was a very good actress. Since we went to a catholic grade and high school taught by nuns, it was very authentic as well. Would recommend it to anyone - there were folks of all religions there and they laughed as...continued

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Review from semisweetz@yahoo.com
14 events 9 reviews

Very interactive and funny.

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Angus Hamish Carlisle
Review from Angus Hamish Carlisle
10 events 8 reviews

All four of us who attended had a great time. Sister was especially Catholic for us which we loved! We look forward to going back to this show again in the future.

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Wendy Engen Hauser
Review from Wendy Engen Hauser
31 events 8 reviews

It was great! The actress did a fine job of handling hecklers. She was awesome.

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Elisabetta Furlan
Review from Elisabetta Furlan
10 events 8 reviews

It's a great show. Very interactive and really funny. You should go, you won't regret it!

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Bea Cornelissen
Review from Bea Cornelissen
12 events 7 reviews

Fun evening, light, laid back brings memories back for those attending Catholic and/or Public schools

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sunday with wife
Review from sunday with wife
10 events 7 reviews

Fun event when visiting Chicago.

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sunday with wife
Review from sunday with wife
10 events 7 reviews

Fun event with my friends.

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Talk Girl
Review from Talk Girl
9 events 7 reviews

I have seen it in the past and thought it was great! It might mean more to you if you went to Catholic schools, but anyone can see the humor. Illness stopped me from attending this particular performance.

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Review from Chrisc
19 events 7 reviews

It was an absolute delight. I want to go back and take my sister. My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard.
Highly recommend it...

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Review from earthgirl
12 events 7 reviews

It was enjoyable but had many inside jokes. I didn't go to a Catholic school, so some of it went over my head. A lotta Catholics in the crowd though, and they roared at the gags. I got a chuckle out of their reactions! It was enjoyable.

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Josephine Rabenda
Review from Josephine Rabenda
10 events 7 reviews

The show was funny, the Sister was great. It is a must see. The cost is very low, and the room was not very big, but comfortable.

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Review from TOM
23 events 7 reviews
Review from Chris
77 events 7 reviews

We had great seats at a fantastic price for a last minute decision to see this show on New Year's Eve. The show made me feel I was back in private Catholic school again! The talent was amazing!! The only downside was the people that were annoyed...continued

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Review from Larry
93 events 6 reviews

Hilarious performance. Interactive, entertaining and just plain fun for any age.

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