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Review from Larry
93 events 6 reviews

Hilarious performance. Interactive, entertaining and just plain fun for any age.

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Eileen Castrovillari
Review from Eileen Castrovillari
43 events 6 reviews

Loved it. Anyone who was taught by nuns will appreciate the humor.

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Maryellen Uhl
Review from Maryellen Uhl
13 events 6 reviews

The performance was great except we only had 13 people in the audience I think it would have been better if more people were there.

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Review from Steve
9 events 6 reviews

This show was HYSTERICAL!!! There was never a boring moment. Laughed the whole time.

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Frank M
Review from Frank M
7 events 5 reviews

2nd time seen this show. Very funny & entertaining. Great interaction with audience. Different material than 1st time, which was my concern. Great show for the price. Nice intimate classroom environment, good timing for "recess". Will definitely...continued

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michael kowal
Review from michael kowal
7 events 5 reviews

Avoid the valet parking if you can. Convenient when you arrive but over 45 minutes to get your car.

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Shirley Paski
Review from Shirley Paski
8 events 5 reviews

Funny, especially if you went to catholic school!

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Tony the Taxman...
Review from Tony the Taxman...
12 events 5 reviews

I am a new Catholic and my date went to Catholic school and we were roaring with laughter. It is a true delight and I recommend it. The first half seemed more whimsical than the second but it is well worth seeing. If you don't..... Say 10 Hail...continued

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Frank M
Review from Frank M
7 events 5 reviews

Laughed from start tofinish. Sister picked on me & my g/f thru out the night, but in a fun way. Keeps the audience invoved, start to finish. GO SEE THIS SHOW. Cant beat the value & unique intimate environment.

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Review from Peter27
12 events 5 reviews

Lots of fun. I would recommend it, even if you are/were Catholic.

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Review from reenie
83 events 5 reviews

Very funny! Great interaction and it almost seemed like a real class, brought back many memories!

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The show must go on
Review from The show must go on
19 events 5 reviews

Very funny, loved the whole group involvement

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Kathryn Mackey
Review from Kathryn Mackey
8 events 5 reviews

Very interactive & an evening of fun from beginning
to end - as an ex-nun myself it was so on point but
respectfull - growing up Catholic - we could identify with soooooo much - it was a blast !!!!!
I have already made plans to go back with 5...continued

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Charles Donahue
Review from Charles Donahue
12 events 5 reviews

Very relateable and humorous.

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Review from Debbie
8 events 5 reviews

We sat in the second row and it was a full house. The nun at our show was spectacular. She really made us feel like we were in class. I would recommend for a first date or date night out for couples. Great fun!!!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
7 events 4 reviews

As non-Catholics we found the perspective fascinating and hysterically funny. An incredible one woman show that hit the mark in oh so many ways. A wonderful evening for everyone.

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Deborah Koehler
Review from Deborah Koehler
8 events 4 reviews

Brought back memories of school days. Quite entertaining and funny. No bad seats.

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Lin Ewing
Review from Lin Ewing
20 events 4 reviews

Fun and audience interactive.

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Sandra Soto
Review from Sandra Soto
21 events 4 reviews

Funny and entertaining and benefiting a great cause.

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David Tassione
Review from David Tassione
12 events 4 reviews

Great fun! If you grew up Catholic and went to Catholic school growing up, it’s a can’t miss. It may bring back terrible childhood memories, but at least this time you can laugh about it and have others laughing with you.

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