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Review from Kathy
18 events 4 reviews

Improv really, only as good as the "nun" that performs. Our night not so great, just ok.

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Asta M
Review from Asta M
15 events 4 reviews

It was great show! Great interaction with the audience! Very fun!!! Great job, Sister!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
6 events 4 reviews

It was very well done. The play was interactive and lots of audience participation.

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Review from MZ
8 events 4 reviews

Late Night Catechism brought back so many memories - went with my husband and Mother-In-Law and we all loved it. Not necessary to have attended Catholic school to enjoy this. "Sister" was so quick-witted!

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Review from nateach
6 events 4 reviews

Really fun experience. There is absolutely no disrespect to the Catholic faith. In fact, at the end of the show, they pay a very sincere tribute to our nuns that have completed their service and are in retirement and in need of funds. ...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
11 events 4 reviews

Sister sure does bring Adult Catholic Catechism Class Alive And Hit The Funny Bone Squarely And Smartly on The Head! There were Lots of "Holy Rollers" where we laughed until it hurt and the years melted away as we sat in her class and were...continued

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Eric Ferleger
Review from Eric Ferleger
13 events 4 reviews

The actress was supreme. The play and the attendant interaction were real, vivid and most engaging. This was as pleasurable an experience as one could hope for when attending a play

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Ethel Bourbon
Review from Ethel Bourbon
22 events 4 reviews

This is a really fun one-woman (one-nun) show! Anyone who experienced a Catholic education or religious instruction will find a lot of humor in this show. Lots of improv and audience interaction as you sit in Sister's classroom. Fun and funny,...continued

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Review from professorxfm
23 events 4 reviews

This was funnier than I thought it would be. You do learn a lot about Catholicism, even if you are practicing the faith. You learn about the past and how we got to be as crazy as we are. It is a fun, inexpensive night out, and I highly recommend...continued

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Meredith CP
Review from Meredith CP
10 events 4 reviews

Took the out-of-town parents for something safe and light. Great on both counts. The "nun" was excellent - walked the fine line of picking on her "students" without ever being mean and being reliably funny. If you want deep and thoughtful, go...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
15 events 4 reviews

Very clever and entertaining.

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Review from JohnSYates
7 events 4 reviews

Very funny even if you are not Catholic! This show is very interactive and we were so impressed with the improv! Great job!

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Review from Goldstar Member
6 events 4 reviews

Very small audience but great show and interaction with the audience. Self park was not free as someone had noted in an earlier comment.

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Bernadette Corsaro
Review from Bernadette Corsaro
9 events 4 reviews

We had front row seats! This play is a must see if you are a Catholic school survivor. There is also a lovely little pizza place just a block north on Halsted called Capri Pizza. We enjoyed an early dinner and was able to get back to the theater...continued

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Review from Helen
7 events 4 reviews

wow! i feel bad giving this one star, but that is really what i thought of this one-nun play. less than 10 minutes into it, i realized that it wasn't going to get any better. had there been more than 17 people in attendance, i probably would have...continued

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Jose Flores
Review from Jose Flores
11 events 3 reviews

A good show, probably would have been better with a larger audience...try to go on a weekend if possible, otherwise you might get a near empty house like I did...still enjoyable, but would have loved to see what the actress (who was very good,...continued

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Review from andyi
8 events 3 reviews

didn't know what to expect turned out to be a great show would go again funny interactive great perfomance

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Review from Sandy
4 events 3 reviews

Even though I'm a "public," I went with my former altar boy husband and his sister. Absolutely delightful, a very funny show for anyone who remembers the days of the penguins and Catholic school. Royal George is a lovely, intimate theatre with...continued

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Review from suzyQ
7 events 3 reviews

Excellent time. We had 11 in our group and we were laughing so hard! I would recommend this to anyone. Talent!

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Christine Pesce
Review from Christine Pesce
5 events 3 reviews

Excellent! Well done-so much fun!

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