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Review from BonSto
4 events 2 reviews

The one act "NUN" was a real hoot; she did a great job touching on just about all of my memories attending parochial schools, and even more I'd forgotten about. Loved the audience interaction and smiles "Sister" brought to us all. The theater...continued

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Angelique Starr Rickhoff
Review from Angelique Starr Rickhoff
5 events 2 reviews

The performance was not quite what I expected. The performer for the evening did a great job, but the atmosphere was kind of quiet and awkward. I did learn quite a bit about Catholicism, but the performance did seem to drag on a bit. I was...continued

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Vikram Krishnan
Review from Vikram Krishnan
7 events 2 reviews

The picture shows 5 nuns, NOT, it was one nun who was funny at times, but most of the time was not funny. There was plenty of times, where she was fishing for topics. Overall experience was mediocre to say the least.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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The play was very funny the evening was very enjoyable. The audience participation is so important and it meant that we actually met fellow visitors to Chicago. as well as a few locals. Very friendly people and a very nice evening. We highly...continued

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Chris Klardie
Review from Chris Klardie
2 events 2 reviews

The theatre is a bit outside of town, but plenty of parking for locals - we were on vacation and used UBER to get a ride back to town. Intimate theatre for a "one nun show" and don't be late, it will cost you a dollar! "Yes, Sister!" it was a...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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The venue was well received by the group. We felt that the actress playing the nun did an excellent job. Good interaction with audience.

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Mike Magliane
Review from Mike Magliane
5 events 2 reviews

This performance was 95% audience interaction and it was delightfully received and enjoyed by all. I did miss hearing some of the details about the saints that were covered in other shows, but this "nun" was so quick and sharp with...continued

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Review from Rick
5 events 2 reviews

This was fun! I am Catholic and went to Catholic schools for 12 years. It was also fun to be part of the show as a "student". I would not pay full price for ths show, though.

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Frank Knechtges
Review from Frank Knechtges
12 events 2 reviews

Very entertaining. The woman who performed the play was excellent in her presentation. Everyone will like it but people who attended Catholic schools will especially relate.

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Susan Hormuth
Review from Susan Hormuth
26 events 2 reviews

Very entertaining! The Catholics, lapsed Catholics, and non-Christians in our group all enjoyed it. As it was a small audience in a small space, we all recited...er, participated. Sister (and the bar in the back of the "classroom") made the...continued

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Review from Goldstar Member
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very funny - our "nun teacher" was very quick and witty - and had a great memory for who was in her class. The theatre is close to the red line - very convenient!

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Kristi Turner
Review from Kristi Turner
8 events 2 reviews

Very funny - had a great time!!

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Review from Lori
4 events 2 reviews

Very intertaining and a lot of laughs. I would recomend it.

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Review from johnnyboy
10 events 2 reviews

We both went to Catholic school and it brought back many memories(both good and scary). We loved the audience participation too.

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Ray McDermott
Review from Ray McDermott
2 events 2 reviews

We got this as a gift for my mother, for her birthday. She's seen Late Night Catechism before, and we had once as a family, several years ago when it came to St James. Great performance, Sister was a lot of fun, with a lot of "old school...continued

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Review from jegan
18 events 2 reviews

We had a great time. Well worth the price.

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Janice Evans
Review from Janice Evans
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Review from Holly
10 events 2 reviews

We loved this show! The Nun was great! We highly recommend it!

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Review from Sarah
2 events 2 reviews

We really enjoyed it! She was very funny, sweet and entertaining.. I will definitely be going back

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Mike Magliane
Review from Mike Magliane
5 events 2 reviews

We tried for the lottery to see Hamilton, but were thrilled instead to experience Late Nite Catechism. Not only was it extremely informative, the nun's ability to "keep the class in line and command respect" was spot on with many unpredictable...continued

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