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Michael Keefer
Review from Michael Keefer
78 events 39 reviews

This is a great deal. Tickets are cheap, though you have to factor in a 2 drink minimum per person, and a great deal for two hours of stand up comedy. The weekend we went, we got to see the World Champion, Judah Freilander!

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Review from Constance
86 events 27 reviews

The comedians where not funny, at all.

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Review from Carmelita
22 events 15 reviews

Good customer service by staff; emcees were so bad, I was tempted to leave -- NOT FUNNY; most of the remaining comedians were good; last two were outstanding because they showed that they didn't have to be raunchy to be hilarious (they had me...continued

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Narda Waddy
Review from Narda Waddy
21 events 15 reviews


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Karen Epton
Review from Karen Epton
153 events 14 reviews

Beautifully rehabbed! It's like a nightclub, cabaret style. Host/Emcee/1st comedian was painfully unfunny. That's ok - in comedy stand-up shows, that's often the case. 2nd guy and headliner/Bil Dwyer were great!!

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Review from pilotrtc
28 events 9 reviews

Sound system is bad and detracts from the experience. I went to the early show so I guess it was good for an 8PM show.

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Rob Jacobs
Review from Rob Jacobs
20 events 8 reviews

Dom Irrera was phenomenal...one of the top, underrated comedians of our time. The warm up comics were fair.

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Deborah Smith
Review from Deborah Smith
14 events 8 reviews

It was a good experience. Drinks were expensive $90 for 4 people. They chose our seats. We sat towards the middle section, even though we go there early.

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Review from TOM
23 events 7 reviews

Pretty funny, but Schaumburg Improv was better, we thought...it certainly depends on the performer. The venue was excellent, great acoustics.

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Review from Jay
16 events 6 reviews

We got the freebie on goldstar just had to pay service fees. Arrived at 7:40 for 8:00 show. Plenty of seats available. Nice venue. 2 of 4 stand ups were good just depends on the talent. Heavier set guy was the best, had me in tears. Headliner not...continued

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Hanan Polinovski
Review from Hanan Polinovski
7 events 5 reviews

Great show. Lots of fun with friends, but the jokes can be a bit too dark to be funny. Great for a weekday night out.

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Francis the cat
Review from Francis the cat
39 events 4 reviews

Cold, barren space - acoustics not good. Only one comic was worth seeing. Emcee was okay. Save your money and go to Zanies or Second City or any other improv groups!!

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Rick Planos
Review from Rick Planos
23 events 3 reviews

Great setting and service, more importantly LMAO! Great comedy all around!

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Review from Charlie
37 events 3 reviews

Great venue....talent was awesome....Greg Morton was unbelievable!

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
4 events 2 reviews

Better for an older crowd. The crowd was young that night.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
5 events 2 reviews

Good time, like most stand up comedy shows there was some good and some okay I felt the show was worth the money.

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Bethany A. Morris
Review from Bethany A. Morris
4 events 2 reviews

I found myself wanting to fall asleep, not because it was midnight but because I was pretty bored.

The "Richard Pryor" drink I ordered was delicious though.

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Alice Witczak Negron
Review from Alice Witczak Negron
4 events 2 reviews

Liked the variety of commedians who performed. It was great entertainment and great seating arrangement..

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
3 events 2 reviews

The comedy was REALLY REALLY bad. There were a few good laughs, but not nearly the caliber I was expecting.

The place is really nice.

Makes for a good cheap evening out.

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Review from Dougdoo
18 events 2 reviews

Very funny show. Terrific value.

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