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Q. Donnae Smith
Review from Q. Donnae Smith
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It was chillier than a penguin's nuts, but with the wine, was awesome! l think that much warmer, it wouldn't have been as delightful as it was. The Chalk Hill Estate Red and South African Cab...theeee BEST! They only had 2 food vendors; a little...continued

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Anne Bern
Review from Anne Bern
3 events 2 reviews

Delightful event! Great wines and great service. Would have liked to have more food booths available.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
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Overall I didn’t think this event was much to rave about. The lines for each wine booth were incredibly long with only one person pouring. This meant get your wine then immediately get in line for the next place so you can get all 12 samples...continued

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Elizabeth Torres
Review from Elizabeth Torres
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So much fun! lines we not long at all. I wish I could have bought a few bottles of wine but the vendors would not sell them. Other than that it was amazing.

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Diana Ramos
Review from Diana Ramos
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Such long lines (often times one person was working the entire table) and the wines were terrible. After waiting in a long line no one spoke to you about the different wines just poured wine. They gave you ridiculously mall wine glasses that the...continued

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Review from Kelly
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The festival does a poor job in ensuring there is ease of flow between booths. Even being there the full four hours you can’t go through the twelve tickets. Lines are 20+ mins long minimum. They should lower their tickets by half if they want...continued

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Lindsey Lusk
Review from Lindsey Lusk
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The lines were long and slow. I was not able to use all of my tickets because it took so long. The wine was also not good.

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Devon Benton
Review from Devon Benton
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There was no cover for 4 hours of rain, no water & absolutely no food!! At a wine event! During dinner time! Tiny glasses that were barely filled halfway. For almost $40. Terribly planned & way over priced.

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Vanessa Hong
Review from Vanessa Hong
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There was 6 of us at this event. The glass they give you for wine tasting was this miniature cheap plastic snifter. Not even real glass! Only one of us were able to get a personalized one that said "Lincoln Park Wine Festival" and the rest were...continued

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