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Jean miller
Review from Jean miller
238 events 74 reviews

Loved the music of which there was way too little. Hated every word of dialogue. What a missed opportunity.

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Maria Stare
Review from Maria Stare
40 events 23 reviews

LIndiwe is an experiment. I think the message coming from South Africa and delivered in Chicago is very meaningful by the threads of music : blues and Mambazo music. Very different but both very beautiful. Maybe my loyal memory has taken me back...continued

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Annette Collins
Review from Annette Collins
13 events 4 reviews

Ms. Nondumiso Tembe's voice compliments and balances those of Lady Blacksmith Mambazo's perfectly. She is a delight, full of energy and I hope I see her again, with or without Lady Blacksmith Mambazo (since they've recorded music for...continued

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Gus Van St. August
Review from Gus Van St. August
27 events 3 reviews

Ive already referred it to 4 people. It was a fun time.

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Gus Van St. August
Review from Gus Van St. August
27 events 3 reviews

They should leave room to dance during intermission and possibly add a sing-a-long segment. Great time

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Debra Pilgrom
Review from Debra Pilgrom
9 events 2 reviews

It was wonderful. Worth seeing again

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jason carlen
Review from jason carlen
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Mumbi Kigutha
Review from Mumbi Kigutha
1 event 1 review

Cognizant that what I attended was a preview, I was delighted with the show. It was a dream to see such talented artistes, the lady playing Lindiwe and Lady Smith Black Mambazo and the other 3 actors.

The music and dancing was wonderful.


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Jane Peller
Review from Jane Peller
1 event 1 review

Good music but the play dragged at times

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Michele hunter
Review from Michele hunter
11 events 1 review

Ladysmith is amazing but sadly they did not sing much. The woman who played Lindiwe can sing but the play was so poorly written most of what the cast said was laughable.

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Clinton Jones Jr.
Review from Clinton Jones Jr.
3 events 1 review

Lindiwe was a great play and an ALL Star cast! This was my second time using Goldstar to purchase my tickets and again with great seats.

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Wendy Kachingwe
Review from Wendy Kachingwe
2 events 1 review

The music was great. The story and production was awful.

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
2 events 1 review

The story was not that compelling. Would like to of seen Ladysmith Black Mambazo perform one or two songs on their own.

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