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Noredia Alile
Review from Noredia Alile
Red Velvet 130 events 67 reviews

Parking is awful! Bought a ticket, but could not attend because there was no parking anywhere :-( Be sure to use public transportation.

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Remesis Garcia
Review from Remesis Garcia
48 events 41 reviews

Love this event!!!! I've gone every year for 4 years and this is one of the best art festivals I've ever been to. their are about 500-600 artists who have booths here. It will take you hours to walk up and down the aisles. Also a great place to...continued

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Review from WrigleyFielder
40 events 26 reviews

This is always a must-do event. If you're not Christmas shopping at this event, you are doing it wrong. Love that it lasts 4 days and it's an easy trip on the CTA Brown line.

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Review from Andrea
29 events 16 reviews

One of a kind Chicago is always hot and crowded but the items that you find in the market are fantastic!

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Review from NIJON'S HEART
29 events 10 reviews

It is truly an experience that needs more than 1 day to complete. I love this show and have attended it for the past 3 years. I love the unique products that the vendors sell. The products range from clothing, food & items for your humble abode....continued

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Brendaleesphotography Brendaleesphotography
Review from Brendaleesphotography Brendaleesphotography
12 events 8 reviews

Love the merchandise mart the artist we're truly talented some of them a little pricey but we met a artist name Monica and she was very talented personable we bought something from her also are going to purchase more things she did art painted art...continued

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Julie Roberts
Review from Julie Roberts
13 events 7 reviews

LOVE this show! It's truly a don't miss shopping event each December. Wear comfy shoes for sure. So much to see - many great gift ideas. Food and beverages (including adult ones) available at the venue. Take public transportation if you can.

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Review from Cris
10 events 6 reviews

good a little too pricey for my taste

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Amy S. Bachmann
Review from Amy S. Bachmann
29 events 5 reviews

Really cool trade show, I will attend in coming years-

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Chelsea White
Review from Chelsea White
9 events 5 reviews

Super fun event! So many great vendors that we bare;y made it through 1/4 of the show before we got two tired to continue. Make sure to visit the gourmet alley... everyone had samples! So many amazing artists, home goods, clothing, and jewelry!

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Kristy Vanasco Sorensen
Review from Kristy Vanasco Sorensen
7 events 4 reviews

The location was smelly, and the merchandise was over priced. I wouldn't go to this again.

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Jan Lloyd-Gohl
Review from Jan Lloyd-Gohl
9 events 3 reviews

So much to see! Most of the booths/artisans were excellent. Pricing of most artists was accurate and appropriate - some not so (i.e. the jeweler who wanted $3,000 for a simple silver chain with simple pendant). I'm told the Winter Show and Sale...continued

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Heather Maguire
Review from Heather Maguire
16 events 3 reviews

There were so many vendors, everyone was very nice and it was awesome to get to meet a few of the artists. I found my favorite artist in Chicago here and got to pick up a piece of his work. If you dont know them you should check them out --...continued

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Mizz Kitty
Review from Mizz Kitty
2 events 2 reviews

Not what I was expecting. Majority of the items that vendors were selling were quite expensive and over-priced. Vendors were not that helpful or welcoming to their mini-shops, and the whole event had a bit of a "snoody" and "uptight" feel to it...continued

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Michele Kala
Review from Michele Kala
1 event 1 review

I had never been to the "One of a Kind Show" before. It was terrific. One day is not enough to see all of the wonderful items on display. Went with my sister and a friend and couldn't have had a better time. There was a nice variety of items...continued

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