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Lisa Harper Jdzdz
Review from Lisa Harper Jdzdz
14 events 6 reviews

Excellent show, laughed so much, best improv I've ever seen!

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Jorie Curry
Review from Jorie Curry
13 events 6 reviews

Great show, and good atmosphere!

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Review from MidwayGuy
17 events 6 reviews

Great show. More people need to experience this! You won't be disappointed.

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Review from Yowza
9 events 6 reviews

The venue is nicely appointed, has a conscientious bartender and reasonably priced entertainment. Easy to find street parking.

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Review from cdm1221
36 events 6 reviews

This theater is a hidden jewel! We actually got two improv performances the night we attended. Both were very entertaining! Small theater which allowed for ALOT of audience interaction (hint!).

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Review from SALAZAR
14 events 6 reviews

Very funny and you can bring your own drinks!!

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Jorie Curry
Review from Jorie Curry
13 events 6 reviews

Very funny show

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Jorie Curry
Review from Jorie Curry
13 events 6 reviews

Wonderful show!!! Will be coming back again

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Shilone Cornelius
Review from Shilone Cornelius
29 events 5 reviews

Absolute hilarity. The talent on the stage is amazing. Why hasn't Vegas picked up this show yet?

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Belinda Wise Bey
Review from Belinda Wise Bey
8 events 5 reviews

Hilarious we laughed the entire time!

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Review from Anne
8 events 5 reviews

HILLARIOUS! I am definitely going back with more friends soon. These guys are extremely talented and there was no one in the audience not laughing. Go!

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Review from Carmen
13 events 5 reviews

It was a really funny show. I brought a couple of friends and they want to go again. I like the audiendce participation. The guys were great!

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Remetia Patton-Mitchell
Review from Remetia Patton-Mitchell
62 events 5 reviews

My husband and I absolutely loved the show !!! It was hilarious and a must see that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to family and friends. I will be attending again soon, since I've heard that no 2 shows are alike !!!

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Norm Dynneson
Review from Norm Dynneson
7 events 5 reviews

not so funny at all. stressful thinking they might pick on me.

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Review from Kay
8 events 5 reviews

Ok! This is a wild mix of a crowd, college students to middle aged folks. Every ethinicity,gender and age was represented so nobody was out of place. The very small theatre was packed. Get there early to get a good seat. The opening act left a...continued

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Morrow C.
Review from Morrow C.
21 events 5 reviews

The improv was super funny. We laughed alot. And that's the point of comedy!

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Review from A.M.
12 events 5 reviews

The show is funny and the pimps just come up with the most random funny jokes and scenarios!

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Review from BLKnPRD0412
9 events 5 reviews

The show was crazy full of laughs, no more can you bring your own bottle. Parking was a breeze. The show was funny as hell. Would recommend to friends.

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Brandi L. Robinson
Review from Brandi L. Robinson
11 events 5 reviews

This event was wonderful.

Loved the audience participation.

I will go and see the show again. They say every show is different.

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Review from Sanja
10 events 5 reviews

this was mediocre at best. don't understand where all the good reviews come from. perhaps they were just out of shape when i attended the event. if you miss it, you will not miss much.

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