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Review from LAGlo
15 events 4 reviews

The show was full of laughs and very unpredictable, I would take friends to see the show again.

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Colette N-ski
Review from Colette N-ski
6 events 4 reviews

This show is hilarious and I highly recommend it to everyone. There is some audience involvement, so if you go, bring your sense of adventure. The BYOB is great and the show can't be beat.

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Juquita Johnson
Review from Juquita Johnson
12 events 4 reviews

This was by far better than I could have ever expected or imagined!?? I am pissed at myself for being late and missing the first half hour of the show. ???This is an awesome treat for all mature audiences and it's all done in the name love to...continued

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Nikisha Johnson
Review from Nikisha Johnson
5 events 4 reviews

This was refreshing. The acts were on point. I really enjoyed the entire show.

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Review from Jay
3 events 3 reviews

A one-of-a-kind improv event. I think everybody would love this!

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Marina H.
Review from Marina H.
8 events 3 reviews
Review from Pwingard
14 events 3 reviews

Great show, funny with lots of audience participation. Well worth seeing again!

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David J Thornton
Review from David J Thornton
3 events 3 reviews

Great Show!!! Wished It Was Longer...Good Laughter.....Highly Recommend.

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Review from veva
10 events 3 reviews

Had a wonderful relaxing time. As long as you have a since of humor you will enjoy the show

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Review from ericn19
7 events 3 reviews


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Review from NichelleW
7 events 3 reviews


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Natalie Harris Lenz
Review from Natalie Harris Lenz
9 events 3 reviews

I was looking for a different type of comedy show and the show exceeded my expectations!! I would recommend it to anyone looking for something different and a lot of laughs!

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Sonja B
Review from Sonja B
6 events 3 reviews

It was a chuckle. I would not call it hilarious. But if I had nothing else to do I would go back.

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Jennifer Logan
Review from Jennifer Logan
10 events 3 reviews

It was a different event for me, so I decided to give it a chance. The opening act was okay; only partly humorous. Pimprov was an interesting concept. The opening introductions were absolutely hilarious and most of their routine was funny. I...continued

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Sharese Newsom
Review from Sharese Newsom
3 events 3 reviews

It was a great show , there were not a lot of people but you couldnt tell... telling all my friend and I will be going back!

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Review from Sheree
5 events 3 reviews

It was not as interactive as I expected. The warm up group attempted to stretch out on subjects that they could not find the right funnybone cues for. More lively music would help. The Pimps were funnier, I enjoyed how they called my husband...continued

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Jasmine Guy
Review from Jasmine Guy
6 events 3 reviews

Look what blew into the Windy City---Pimprov. This group is definitely not politcially correct, but simply hilarious. It gives audience members an opportunity to unwind and enjoy many laughs. They were truly engaging and the audience...continued

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Tracy Carr-White
Review from Tracy Carr-White
10 events 3 reviews


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Angela N.
Review from Angela N.
11 events 3 reviews

Not really what expected. Very small room, smelled like sweat and majority of the performance was sub-par. My husband couldn't stop yawning but they tried their best. One or two pimps were very funny (grand finale and pretty pimp)

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Ja'lijah Edmond
Review from Ja'lijah Edmond
8 events 3 reviews

the comedians were not funny in the beginning, then when the pimps came out tht's when it began to get funny, it was worth the $7.50 I PAID.

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