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5 events 3 reviews

The event was outstanding. I laugh the entire time I was at the show.

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Jacob James
Review from Jacob James
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The first part of an improv act was done (I assume) by another improv group which performs in the same theater perhaps to advertise their show, it was "run of the mill" typical improv, but it was funny. Out of the 6 actors, 5 were very funny and...continued

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Zorayda Rangel
Review from Zorayda Rangel
14 events 3 reviews

The improv was just ok, the characters were not very good at it.

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Review from Byron
15 events 3 reviews

The Pimprov show was excellent! The opening act by Chicago Transit Minorities was funny. I also liked seeing Greg Hollimon as the MC for the evening. Fun times!

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Kimberly M Williams
Review from Kimberly M Williams
10 events 3 reviews

The venue is very intimate to say the least. You can definitely bring drinks as it was a lot of that going on. The first improv group threw us off because I expected pimps..but the pimps arrived in the second scene. And they were hilarious. The...continued

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Review from THERON BOONE
12 events 3 reviews

Very funny event more lughs than i expected will go again.

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Review from Tabby
10 events 3 reviews

Very good improv! I think they should change the opening act though (I almost left).

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Carisa Anderson
Review from Carisa Anderson
21 events 3 reviews

We had an awesome time and will definitely be heading back again soon! I actually was selected to participate and had a ball!!!

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Review from shannon
6 events 3 reviews

Went for my bday with about 10 friends, and we had a blast!!!! Love the fact that it's BYOB. My bro-in-law shared some of his brews with the "pimps"...lol. The audience can't be laid back or the show won't be any good. Lots of crowd participation....continued

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Review from Evelyn
5 events 2 reviews

Amazing! It was very fun and the characters were phenomenal!!!!! It’s a must see show. I wish they were exposed more, that’s how good they are! I would recommend it 100%!

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Kemika Pesnaux
Review from Kemika Pesnaux
35 events 2 reviews

Awesome show.

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Review from Jennifer
2 events 2 reviews

Excellent, excellent, excellent!

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Faith Bailey
Review from Faith Bailey
13 events 2 reviews

Funny show great vibe and good time

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Denise Alexander
Review from Denise Alexander
4 events 2 reviews

GREAT!!!! Was hilarious!!!

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Review from Evan
2 events 2 reviews

Hilarious show for a really good price. I will definitely recommend this to my friends. Plus it's BYOB. You can't beat that.

My only knock on the show was that I wish they had done more about pimping. They came out, did their pimp...continued

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18 events 2 reviews

I had a great time at Pimprov!! Both acts were hilarious and very original. They know how to play to the crowd and entertain. I recommended them to all my friends. I will be going back again.

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Review from Renauda
12 events 2 reviews

I had such a great time! If you want to experience something totally different and fun go see Pimprov!!

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Review from shannav
12 events 2 reviews

I have been to pimprov three times. It is great!!

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Review from Daphne
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I was disapointed that the group wanted to invlove the audience into their skits and it just was not funny. I would have preferred to see each one do their own little stand up comdey routine, with some pimp jokes at least this is what I was...continued

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Kimmie Rap
Review from Kimmie Rap
11 events 2 reviews

It was funny... My date really enjoyed it... I would go back... The opening act was a little lame though....

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