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It was fun and I had many laughs. If you dont understand improv the show may not be for you. Make sure your in the mood to laugh and have tons of fun! Its no longer BYOB, fyi ;)

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J M.
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it was good but it took a while for the guys to get it together

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it was good just a bunch of pimps hving fun

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Beverly Coleman
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It was good, but the "Pimps" segue from one topic to another was kind of choppy. A few of the comedians seemed like they might have been right out of improv school because one character seemed to pretty much carry the entire performance. I think...continued

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Caridad M
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It was great. I've seen this act like 6 years ago and they were great now as they were the. I guess it didnt hurt I was pulled to the stage to be apart of a scenes shenanigans. I went with 4 other people all of us had a great time.

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William Scott
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It was the bomb, I really enjoyed Pimprov, and I will go back to see it again!

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Review from Mae
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It wasn't what I thought it was going to be. I thought the whole piece was a satire about pimps but that was just addressed at the very beginning. Tho the spontaneity was fantastic and fun, and the acting was good they asked an audience member to...continued

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Tina Sanchez
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Oh my gosh. Love, liked, enjoyed it with my friends and family. I came from Madison Wisconsin. I would love to see them again for my up coming wedding anniversary in September 2018.

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Deboresia Bradley
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ok. is it the funniest thing ever....no. but its a good time. the improve can get awkwardly unfunny but they realize it quickly and move on to another skit. its quite random as improv usually is, but enjoyable.

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Shenique Mickens
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Pimpprov was so much fun. The actors were refreshing, creative and so funny. I recommend the show to all adults who love to laugh.

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Review from shannav
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Pimprov was awesome!! Those guys are so funny!

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M Kelly Childers
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Pimprov was hilariously offensive! The more foolish the audience is, the more outlandish the show. They even select people from the audience to get involved in the show. Overall we had a great time and really enjoyed the evening. If you don’t...continued

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Review from Karmi
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Pimprov was hysterical! Very talented guys, fun venue and a great audience- recommended for sure-

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Prepare to laugh your head off.

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Maria McIntire
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pretty lame.

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Kemika Pesnaux
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STILL the funniest Improv show in Chicago. Opening acts are hit or miss, but the pimps are always hilarious. They will have you CRYING. Cool bar to hang out in before or after the show. Come check these guys out!

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The show was hilarious. It's good to see people not take themselves too serious. I recommend people to see it for themselves and get there early so you can get a good seat.

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Octavia Scuefield
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The show was excellent!!! I have nothing bad to say about the talented ppl that preformed that night. It was a awesome birthday present for my boy friend.

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Judy Miller
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The show was good. The pimps utilized the audience more than I expected. :) I wish a lot more people could have been in attendance. The drinks were reasonably priced for the small selection. Semaj n I had a nice time!

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The Sims
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The show was hilarious. The pimps were very funny. We laughed from beginning to end. I was nervous when I got picked out the audience but the comedy improv they did was so funny about me. My group really enjoyed ourselves. A must see and a fun...continued

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