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Brian Dove
Review from Brian Dove
108 events 93 reviews

Hilariously funny and superbly performed.

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Review from Thomas
76 events 41 reviews

Goldstar provided great seats to this amazingly energetic performance. You need to be somewhat familiar with the Harry Potter stories to really get the humor as I think most of the audience were. Great for kids and adults alike, I'd recommend it...continued

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Review from TinaT
47 events 31 reviews

I thought I would have to "endure" 70 minutes of silliness for the sake of my 11-year old Potter nut. What a surprise...I laughed through the entire thing. Yes it was silly, but in a great way. Good job Brits!

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Review from cobbnb
39 events 18 reviews

Lots of fun! Loved it Great for kids who have read the books but you certainly could still enjoy it if you didn't.

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Jennifer Wilhite
Review from Jennifer Wilhite
26 events 17 reviews

I had so much fun! Lots of laughs. Loved the crowd interaction. Good seats too for buying on goldstar.

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Review from HoneyQBea
37 events 15 reviews

Pretty silly honestly. Great theater though but it was 2 actors having fun on stage and appealing to kid humor. So happy I didn't pay full price for the show.

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Review from Patricia
43 events 12 reviews

Fast-paced, hilarious telling of the seven books, and perfect for all ages. We laughed and laughed and laughed. Hard to believe it is carried out by just two players, but they never lost our attention with their quips and antics. See it.

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Review from sjp23
32 events 11 reviews

These two guys are hilarious. They have a great sense of comedic timing. They know how to engage the audience. It was a very good time!

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Abigail DiFazio
Review from Abigail DiFazio
14 events 10 reviews

Very funny and silly. Definitely more of a family show, great for kids. Recommend that you have read the books or seen the movie. Has spoilers! But overall it was fun and funny. The format was closer to improve although it is a planned production....continued

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Lisa Svenska Flicka Pear
Review from Lisa Svenska Flicka Pear
21 events 7 reviews

Hilarious and quick-witted.

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Sarah Kulman
Review from Sarah Kulman
9 events 7 reviews

Potted Potter was a hilarious show! The atmosphere was very much like a Second City production, with the two-man show, off-side banter, and sillyness. For anyone is looking for a show with a high-production value and a serious tone, this show is...continued

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Karen Burrtoochi
Review from Karen Burrtoochi
17 events 6 reviews

High energy, barrel of laughs!

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Review from TOM
43 events 6 reviews

This show was pretty lame and sophomoric. I hate to leave such reviews...maybe because I saw “Love Never Dies” two days earlier I was extra underwhelmed.

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Review from TP-NBK
12 events 5 reviews

Hilarious and great for children.

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Hanan Polinovski
Review from Hanan Polinovski
9 events 5 reviews

It was a great show. I think it's a little more geared to little children, but as a group of mid-twenty people, we still had a great time.

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Review from Ldennhardt
23 events 5 reviews

Sophomoric humor at best. If you are going to tell seven books in seventy minutes don't waste ten minutes playing "quiddich" with a beach thrown into the audience.

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Karen M
Review from Karen M
6 events 5 reviews

We loved this show. My 10 year son laughed from the beginning to the end, and i laughed pretty hard as well. I didn't really know what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. It was a high-energy, 2 person comedy act inspired by the 7 Harry...continued

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Raymond Wohl
Review from Raymond Wohl
13 events 4 reviews

I sat in great anticipation for a delightful show. I never laughed once, the actors were fun, but not funny, the script silly and never interesting, the comedy lame, forced and unfunny. Did I say the event was not funny. The worst were the reviews...continued

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Review from SWing
15 events 4 reviews

The kids loved it!

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Review from Addie
17 events 3 reviews

Absolutely hilarious even for someone like me who is not an avid Harry Potter fan. Jeff and Dan are really good, the improv is on point! The entire room was laughing out loud all the time. The show goes through all the HP books, incorporating or...continued

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