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Review from nyskc1
11 events 3 reviews

I fell asleep...
A man who sat in front of us kept looking around as if he could not believe people were laughing. I felt the same way.

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Irina Daschenko
Review from Irina Daschenko
29 events 3 reviews

It was fun but tickets were a bit overpriced

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Review from khellesen
24 events 3 reviews

Laughed for entire 70 minutes! There isn't a bad seat in the theater!

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Review from Knucklehead
14 events 2 reviews

Fun family outing.

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Review from Ww
15 events 2 reviews
Yana Nabutovsky
Review from Yana Nabutovsky
11 events 2 reviews

Great seats, but the performance is really geared toward the younger audience. My 13 yo loved it, while I had problems staying awake at times.

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Review from Katianna
16 events 2 reviews

It was hilarious. Enjoyable. But a complete let down from what I was expecting. Not worth it's ticket price for so little, more of improv than a Broadway show. Glad I used gold star so I didn't pay full price. Still recommend it. But not for die...continued

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Barbra Coffee
Review from Barbra Coffee
2 events 2 reviews

Laughed a lot. Took my 17 year old daughter and we both enjoyed it. These guys are super talented!

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Review from allison
26 events 2 reviews

My college age daughter went to see the show- she has been a big Harry Potter fan since she started reading the books in 3rd grade. She also just got back from Universal Studios visiting Harry Potter World and was excited to see this show. She...continued

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Eric Frobish
Review from Eric Frobish
4 events 2 reviews

My wife and I went with my 12 year-old daughter and her friend. The kids had a blast and we were entertained as well. Fun, high-energy show, with a little something for both the kids and the adults. My daughter already wants to go again.

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Review from M
4 events 2 reviews

Seats were great!! Show was unique!

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Eric Kolesnikov
Review from Eric Kolesnikov
36 events 2 reviews

The performance was 5 stars, amazing and funny actors! I would definitely recommend this performance. However, gold star did not deliver on its seating location. We were stuck at the very left of the stage with a very very poor view. This is not...continued

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Caroline Baty-Barr
Review from Caroline Baty-Barr
5 events 2 reviews

This was a hilarious afternoon for our family! Having seen the title for the show years ago and only coming to see it now - our kids are 16, 18 and 20, I think we laughed even more than we would've if we'd come when the kids were 14, 12 and 10!...continued

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Anita Siedelmann Smith
Review from Anita Siedelmann Smith
7 events 2 reviews

Took the family to see this production, (teenagers and 23 year old) as well as my husband (who is not as familiar with Harry Potter as the rest of us) and everyone unanimously agreed it was a great show. Variety in the retelling of the books,...continued

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Review from Keith
2 events 2 reviews

Very clever if you have read the books or seen the movies. However some of the dialog was a bit too brisk to catch what the performers were saying. Also as we sat to the side some of the props blocked the video screen. Thankfully the screen was...continued

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Maureen Carmichael
Review from Maureen Carmichael
6 events 2 reviews

Very cute. Geared more towards young people, which makes sense. Enjoyable as an adult too.

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Michelle Keating
Review from Michelle Keating
4 events 2 reviews

We are big fans of Harry Potter. Nice theatre intimate seating to see a show. But this was literally the worst show we have ever seen. Complete torture for 90 minutes. Not even remotely funny and a complete waste of money.

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Emily Shaw Haite
Review from Emily Shaw Haite
8 events 2 reviews

We saw the show a couple years ago. This venue was better, because it is more intimate. It was funnier than last time. Loved it!

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Lonny Huffar
Review from Lonny Huffar
7 events 1 review

Awesome seats! The show was great! these two were a magical combination of entertainment and showmanship. We laughed our butts off!

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Hasan Jamil
Review from Hasan Jamil
3 events 1 review

Best Show Ever!

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