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Caroline Senetar
Review from Caroline Senetar
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It was extremely childish and ill prepared. We were expecting a 2 man play quickly going through the Harry Potter books. It was a childish attempt with no set design, no costumes, and very little planning. This should have been performed at a...continued

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Sarah Thompson
Review from Sarah Thompson
1 event 1 review

It was just ok. Some parts were funny. Some jokes, they took on too long and I think everyone lost interest. My 8 year old son kind of liked it but my 6 year old daughter did not. We are a family who has read all the books and watched all the...continued

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Irene Yu
Review from Irene Yu
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It was ok. I feel like it is geared more towards elementary school-aged kids.

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Mary B.
Review from Mary B.
1 event 1 review

It was really funny and they were great.

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Claudia Jo Lumperdean
Review from Claudia Jo Lumperdean
7 events 1 review

It's a waste of money!

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Lori Bianco
Review from Lori Bianco
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It’s a good friend and family comedy spin off performance of the Harry Potter books, it’s interactive and a funny show . If your a Harry Potter fan, you will like it.

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Review from Rosie1927
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Jeff and Dan were very talented but the show was very much targeted to a kids audience. we were four adults who found it mildly entertaining, but the kids in the audience loved it. i'd say it was great for the 8-13 year old crowd and their families.

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Monique Leyba
Review from Monique Leyba
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Laughed so hard!

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Review from Mary
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My 12 year old granddaughter and 2 of her friends and myself enjoyed Potted Potter. The girls did a lot of laughing . It reminded me of a comedy club for Potter Heads. The guys did a good job keeping it moving and audience participation was a...continued

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Kitty Fishman
Review from Kitty Fishman
4 events 1 review

Not our kind of humor. Too broad and slapstick. Hated it!

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Julianne Nery
Review from Julianne Nery
2 events 1 review

Our 8 and 10 year old Harry Potter fans loved the show and laughed the whole way through. Very enjoyable for kids and adults.

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Aafreen Syed
Review from Aafreen Syed
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Potted Potter was so funny that both my husband and I laughed until we cried. The actors did an incredible job of getting the audience involved and excited throughout the play! They are absolutely brilliant at improv as well! Sitting in a premium...continued

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Sadia Chaudhry
Review from Sadia Chaudhry
1 event 1 review

Quirky and fun :)

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Annie Hauser
Review from Annie Hauser
6 events 1 review

Show was entertaining- I would say more geared towards children, but still enjoyable for the Harry Potter fan of any age.

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Review from E
8 events 1 review

Show was great. Teenagers with us loved it too.

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Laura Geiger
Review from Laura Geiger
2 events 1 review

Super funny for the whole family!

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Peter Waswil
Review from Peter Waswil
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The show had an improv feel. It was an amazing show for the price I paid on Goldstar. I was laughing constantly through the performance. I’d recommend seeing it definitely to any Harry Potter fans or anyone who like silly or geeky humor.

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Mary Ann Maki
Review from Mary Ann Maki
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The show was funny, smart, improvisational and great for fans of Harry Potter or those new to the books.

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Wendy Borucki
Review from Wendy Borucki
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They were so funny. We had a great time. Would probably see it again.

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Matthew Heyn
Review from Matthew Heyn
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This is completely silly, sophomoric humor. that being said, my 9 year old, my 16 year old, and both parents were laughing out loud multiple times throughout the show. If you're looking for some easy family fun, this is a no brainer.

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