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Review from BP
Red Velvet 119 events 82 reviews

Rod Serling crafted a potent story and The Artistic Home did a fantastic job pulling off this gem. The show runs the gambit of emotions from sadness to tenderness. The actor who played Mountain made you feel for him with his heartbreaking...continued

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Nick Obis
Review from Nick Obis
Red Velvet 114 events 35 reviews

Excellent, old-school boxing drama with crisp, snappy dialogue. Recommended especially if you love film noir. Excellent performances all around; fantastic, moody lighting; outstanding makeup; and an overall beautifully-realized production that...continued

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Kath Engelsman
Review from Kath Engelsman
212 events 112 reviews

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!! This was the PERFECT Black Box theater experience!!! The ensemble was BRILLIANT!!! Each character was compelling and TRULY brought this POWERFUL play to LIFE!!! The set design, lighting, sound, and choreography were...continued

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niara behm
Review from niara behm
152 events 22 reviews

Wonderful intimate ringside seating, gives feel of really being at a boxing match. There four in my party: ALL LOVED It!
Highly recommended!! Great directing & acting.

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Review from dobies
26 events 4 reviews

Great acting...easy street parking on Sunday

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Review from noellebe
22 events 4 reviews

We were a group of 4 and all really enjoyed the performance. Acting was very well done. Loved the intimate atmosphere of the small theater. They used the space, costumes and props well to help tell the story. It did seem a little slow and long...continued

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Review from Shawna
23 events 3 reviews

A memorable production. Patrick Thornton and Mark Pracht are excellent.

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RJ Coleman
Review from RJ Coleman
20 events 3 reviews

For 20 years these dedicated artists have been producing rare gems. Small, but mighty. "Requiem" is true, poetic, powerful. Loved the performances, the direction and design.

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Review from nalanomis
21 events 3 reviews

Well staged. Actors on top of their game. Moving performance.

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Deb Granite
Review from Deb Granite
9 events 2 reviews

The lead, Who played Mountain, was exceptionally good. Direction also was outstanding.

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Jennifer Brenner
Review from Jennifer Brenner
2 events 1 review

This show was absolutely captivating! The theatre is small and the intimate setting along with the way the seats are arranged, makes you feel like you are right in the action. The story line is intense and the cast really did a phenomenal job of...continued

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Valerie Bogie
Review from Valerie Bogie
2 events 1 review

This was an amazing show! The 360 stage is a unique component of this theater, and you truly do feel like part of the action. The story line had depth, development and kept moving so there were not any lulls. Excellent acting all around, this...continued

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