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Review from Babajean
Red Velvet 43 events 29 reviews

I liked She the People but my husband was less than impressed. It wasn't as cutting edge or political as I had hoped but I had some good laughs.

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Michael Wilkinson
Review from Michael Wilkinson
Red Velvet 18 events 8 reviews

The show was top notch! Extremely well written, planned and performed. They really excelled at keeping up an energetic pace and very fluid transitions. Extremely funny. Go get your SHE on!

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Review from deb
50 events 26 reviews

This is one of the funniest shows I have ever seen at Second City! This cast is fantastic and soooo talented!

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Review from flunbun
13 events 7 reviews

So clever, so creative, so hysterical! The cast is infinitely talented!!

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Chantal Lawrence
Review from Chantal Lawrence
9 events 5 reviews

Lots of fun! Socially and politically relevant. Makes for a good evening out with the girls.

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Review from rcs60@sbcglobal.net
13 events 4 reviews

I planned this outing to celebrate Mothers Day with my wife. Our 2 kids, age 20 and 24, joined us. We all enjoyed the show very much, especially my wife. Very strong cast!

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Review from Greensal
10 events 3 reviews

Terrific writing, dancing, singing, and acting with a political pulse
Lovely variety of ensemble actors, from age, ethnicity, to body type.
Brilliant "Lean Cuisine" parody on abortion and women's right to reproductive choice.

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Omead Hash
Review from Omead Hash
3 events 3 reviews

The show was creative and hilarious! We loved the whole cast, and the venue is nice too. Highly recommended for a good evening of parodies and laughs

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Review from Raine
16 events 2 reviews

Fantastic! Well done, I’m going again

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Alyson Brennan
Review from Alyson Brennan
2 events 2 reviews

Hilarious! What an amazing comedy troupe. We couldn't stop laughing. Excellent show and venue! A must see while in Chicago! We would love to go see more of the comedy at this location. The food and drinks were yummy too! Fun night with friends!

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Review from Raine
16 events 2 reviews

Seen it twice! Gets funnier and funnier each time

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Review from PLeong
18 events 2 reviews

This show skewered both sexes. So men don't really need to be very brave to attend & it may even give them some insight into women. My favorite sketch ranted about how distracting women's attire can be. Well worth seeing!

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Julia Nissim
Review from Julia Nissim
1 event 1 review

Funny and poignant -- perfect for a group of girlfriends or a date night (if your partners can laugh at themselves). I laughed the entire time, and those ladies are so talented.

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Patricia Marfise-Patt
Review from Patricia Marfise-Patt
6 events 1 review

Great night out! Affirming for women. Took my teenager daughters and they loved it!

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Diamond Dinisa
Review from Diamond Dinisa
14 events 1 review

I thoroughly enjoyed this event. It was liberating, engaging, and funny. I would definitely go again if giving the opportunity. Definitely go check out this show.

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Mary Todd
Review from Mary Todd
2 events 1 review

It was good. Had some funny, irreverent moments. Might have been funnier with a token male or two thrown into the mix.

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Review from xt
2 events 1 review

Laughed so hard that it almost erased the pain of #45. Talented team!

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Kristen Rice
Review from Kristen Rice
1 event 1 review

One of the BEST things we did when we were visiting Chicago! I highly recommend this show to everyone!

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Abigail Williams
Review from Abigail Williams
1 event 1 review

Super fabulous night hanging out with my galentines and laughing/crying over all the too real situations!

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Patricia Kaiser
Review from Patricia Kaiser
3 events 1 review

The script was very clever! I enjoyed the humor but at times the speed was a bit too much to hear and understand. This was mother-daughter evening..enjoyable!

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