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Deb Silberstein
Review from Deb Silberstein
Red Velvet 39 events 4 reviews

way too much time sitting around. I felt like the tour used long stops to stretch it out to 3 hours.

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Review from kimb
73 events 27 reviews

had a great time! Ashley was a fun & enthusiastic guide. I was skeptical when I realized our group was nearly 20, but it was all managed very well. Each stop was well organized and the food was great. I really enjoyed seeing the neighborhood and...continued

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Cristine Danielson
Review from Cristine Danielson
35 events 13 reviews

The best way to learn about a new neighborhood and try out new restaurants. Ashley, our guide, was terrific and she enthusiastically told us interesting tidbits about the history of Wicker Park as we toured some of the neighborhood streets. We...continued

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Review from Sabina
15 events 11 reviews

We visited 5 different spots and sampled food. The tour guide Ashley was super friendly and spent time getting to know everyone on the group. Overall, the 2.5 mile walking and food tasting tour was a great experience. Wear comfortable shoes for...continued

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Drea Wise Serrato
Review from Drea Wise Serrato
25 events 6 reviews

great introduction to the neighborhood! Loved the Chop Shop and will definitely go back!

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Review from Cindy
15 events 5 reviews

Our tour guide was Jock ("as in strap") and he was knowledgable of the Wicker Park area. He showed us some interesting homes and buildings in the neighborhood and we tasted some pretty amazing food. I loved the wings at Harold's Chicken Shack...continued

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Susan Shuma
Review from Susan Shuma
18 events 5 reviews

So fun! Ashley, our tour guide, was fantastic and so knowledgeable
and the food at each stop was delicious. Highly recommend!!!

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Review from Jill
20 events 4 reviews

I had this on my "to-do" list for awhile and I wasn't disappointed. It's a nice balance of food variety, historical background of the neighborhood and pace. We had a special treat in that the tour guide was excellent and at one of the stops in...continued

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Goldstar Member
Review from Goldstar Member
4 events 3 reviews

Ashley, our guide was fantastic. Very informative. Did not expect some architectural information of the area. All of the food was wonderful.
We would go back to all of the establishments. Hidden treasures.

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Review from CEBAR
14 events 3 reviews

Excellent outing. The food was great and ample. On top of that, I learned a great deal about this changing Chicago neighborhood.

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John Calamusa
Review from John Calamusa
3 events 2 reviews

Great tour!

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Sharon W
Review from Sharon W
22 events 2 reviews

Had a great time in Wicker Park learning the history, viewing the architecture and tasting the yummy food!. Ashley was a fun & personable guide who obviously enjoys her job! Can't wait to take the River North Tour!!!

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Review from Sue
5 events 2 reviews

Our tour guide Ashley was awesome. Very knowledgeable, interesting and fun to be with. The food choices were excellent. A perfect tour and way to spend a Sunday afternoon with family. Look forward to more of your toyed with guides like Ashley.

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Review from Jenn5980
7 events 2 reviews

Really enjoyed this tour, informative and tasty! I would definitely go on another food tour with this company.

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Sharon Karmel
Review from Sharon Karmel
1 event 1 review

Ashley was our guide & she was wonderful! I would recommend this tour to my friends-good food & interesting facts about the city!!!!!

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Melanie Munzing
Review from Melanie Munzing
15 events 1 review

Fun tour. Good tour guide. Wicker Park I offers a wonderful assortment of eating options. Would have liked to experienced more food options. Two of the five offered were amazing. The other three were ok.

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B. Scharringhause
Review from B. Scharringhause
2 events 1 review

Great day! Beautiful weather! Delicious food! Wonderful, informative guide!. We'd definitely recommend it to friends! Make sure that people know there is a LOT of walking.

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Review from EricP
5 events 1 review

Great experience! We were exposed to several excellent neighborhood food options, an interesting retail concept and enjoyed a nice walk around the colorful neighborhood of Wicker Park.

The entire experience was enjoyable and took ~3 hours.

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Paul C. Ha
Review from Paul C. Ha
3 events 1 review

It was good but I wish there was more food. I was still hungry at the end. Also, I wish she made everyone do quick name/origin introductions so that it would be easier to talk to the other people during the long walks between restaurants.

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Review from Charlotte
2 events 1 review

Just did this yesterday with my husband. It was awesome. A perfect combo of history/background on Wicker Park and 5 new eating experiences. Loved our guide, Jock. Highly recommend this tour for locals and out of town folks.

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