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Kathy Asselin Decker
Review from Kathy Asselin Decker
33 events 22 reviews

One of the best theater experiences I’ve ever had. Following the characters or storyline through the house party was extraordinary! The acting is superb: intense at times, funny at others! This play is like no other! Truly unique!!

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Klud Mon Lourde
Review from Klud Mon Lourde
22 events 11 reviews

Southern Gothic takes place in the 60s in the south - it's about a gathering of friends for a birthday celebration, that takes many twists and turns. While I won't go into details as to what happens, I will say that the audience was captivated and...continued

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Eric Molho
Review from Eric Molho
18 events 9 reviews

Highly recommended. The show is well done and the set amazing. The immersive experience really makes this special.

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Cheryl Cooper
Review from Cheryl Cooper
15 events 6 reviews

Excellent production! A unique theater experience that you don’t want to miss!
It’s was like being in the script for a hour and 40 minutes. Funny, powerful and poignant !
A must see!

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Review from TOM
41 events 4 reviews

This show is fantastic! I am recommending it to everyone!!!

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Review from amk
10 events 3 reviews

A new theater experience. Kept us on our toes the whole time as we had to decide for ourselves which room to move to in order to follow the action which was simultaneously happening everywhere. Really well written and choreographed: whatever your...continued

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Review from Stacey
65 events 3 reviews

Great show! Check it out if you can!

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Review from Lou
5 events 3 reviews

This was the first immersion play I have ever been to and I loved it!!!!! I will definitely go see another!!!

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Janice Bergman
Review from Janice Bergman
6 events 2 reviews

Fascinating way to enjoy a play. Loved it!

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Michelle Cramer
Review from Michelle Cramer
10 events 2 reviews

Such a unique experience to be immersed into the play and walk around trying up follow all the story lines. Can't wait to go see it again.

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Nour Kurdi
Review from Nour Kurdi
102 events 2 reviews

The story is weak and there is no real point of it. Actors are good

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Ryan Moor
Review from Ryan Moor
2 events 1 review

Amazing format and experience with good acting and lots of plot twists. Recommend going with a small group so you can catch all the action. Blown away!

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Mary Winslow
Review from Mary Winslow
2 events 1 review

Different than any other play I've ever been to. I loved every minute.

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Sarah Picard Ortiz
Review from Sarah Picard Ortiz
28 events 1 review

Go see this show!!! It was a unique & intimate performance. Loved how the audience could move around the set with the actors. You are really a part of the action! Very well done & thoughtful execution. We LOVED this performance.

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Meghan Bryan
Review from Meghan Bryan
1 event 1 review

It was incredible! The actors moved through the show with perfect grace. And audiences were enraptured by their performance. If I didn’t have to leave Chicago I would see it again and again!

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David Jemison
Review from David Jemison
1 event 1 review

Long-time theater go-er, and this was my favorite theatric experience of anything I’ve seen. Not a weak link in the cast and expertly performed by across the board. This was my second time seeing it, so it was fascinating to see how the roles were...continued

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Yixing Liu
Review from Yixing Liu
1 event 1 review

This story is set at a summer birthday party in 1961 in Georgia. Audience are invited as invisible guests, flies-on-the-wall. This makes perfect sense based on the story line. Don’t think it as less great than Sleep No More just because you don’t...continued

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Review from Lypasm
18 events 1 review

Unique, voyeuristic, theatrical experience. Excellent acting and realistic set. I enjoyed the simultaneous scenes and being able to move between rooms to gain a different perspective. This play can be seen multiple times to get a unique...continued

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Amber Savino
Review from Amber Savino
3 events 1 review

Very neat experience - unlike any other play I have been to.

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Lior Mos
Review from Lior Mos
4 events 1 review

We were about 15 minutes late so it took us some time to get into that and figure out the play, the house/stage is very nice and I liked how the play touched different topics such as status, race, marriage, betrayal and more.

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