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Review from RC
Red Velvet 81 events 59 reviews

Excellent exposure of problem faced by many American communities. Great acting with poignant message and redemption

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Herr Vic
Review from Herr Vic
409 events 87 reviews

A moving emotional experience! Its Pulitzer prize is well deserved. A complex script, which left me slightly confused after the first act. But everything became crystal clear during the second act, which led to a powerful gut-wrenching...continued

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Gary Schwab
Review from Gary Schwab
60 events 58 reviews

The performances and sets were excellent. The play itself seemed overly reluctant to take a stand as to why these workers in Reading were suffering so much or what they might do about their plight. The "moral" seems to be that people being...continued

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Scott Olson
Review from Scott Olson
115 events 46 reviews

Superb performances, excellent production, great script. And all Chicago actors too!

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Ray Harrell
Review from Ray Harrell
100 events 39 reviews

I think it was a good story, but it moved very slowly. A lot of the story line could have been omitted and this play reduced to a 90 minute production. It would have been more impactful. Flashbacks and foreshadowing are techniques that work on...continued

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Maria Stare
Review from Maria Stare
36 events 19 reviews

Excellent play! Good acting. It is so true we don’t know therefore we don’t understand this part of America. Heart breaking to see it in such a dramatic way which it is close to reality. A most see by all americans.

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Review from Patricia
28 events 11 reviews

Loved it is the wrong descriptor, but it is the only way to give the play Five Stars. Powerful. Thought-provoking. Wrenching. These are far better words to describe "Sweat". Robert Falls staged an exceptional rendering of Lynn Nottage's Pulitzer...continued

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Review from Donna
36 events 11 reviews

This is a play that everyone should see - especially corporate tycoons who do not realize the impact their decisions have on real people. It is a very real look at how the fast-paced corporate world impacts the lives of everyone - not just the...continued

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Michael Wilkinson
Review from Michael Wilkinson
19 events 9 reviews

The set and the acting were well done but I guess I was looking for something a little more artsy or high brow. This could have been a tv series or movie just as well, think of a dark Roseanne. The majority of the story centers around a bar and...continued

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Leena Nanda
Review from Leena Nanda
15 events 9 reviews

This was an excellent play! Funny and heartbreaking, it captures the angst of factory workers at the beginning of the 21st century when the manufacturing sector shed jobs at a dizzying rate. Wonderful acting and an engaging script.

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Warren Lake
Review from Warren Lake
127 events 8 reviews

A very riveting presentation about how family and friendships are subject to fracture over economic misfortunes

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Review from JSmith
30 events 5 reviews

The play is very thought provoking...how assumption are so dangerous about other people; how each person affects others, the role of friendship, alcoholism, power and control....
Acting was superb and couldn't have asked for better seats!!!

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Lois levine
Review from Lois levine
19 events 3 reviews

Very relevant today

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Lynette Brady
Review from Lynette Brady
48 events 3 reviews

SWEAT was simply an AMAZING play. Everyone should see it!!!

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Review from cap
19 events 2 reviews

A complex look at friendship, loyalty and survival.

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Review from Phyllis
11 events 2 reviews

It was a great stage play. Extremely impressed
with the story line and the acting.

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Review from Kristi
15 events 2 reviews

It was a wonderful performance ... heartfelt story,superperb acting.

I highly recommend this play.

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Anthony Wingler
Review from Anthony Wingler
2 events 2 reviews

Really great acting and the storyline was superb. If I had one complaint it would be the excessive cursing. I understand the need for authenticity but felt it was way too over the top and cheapened an otherwise really solid script.

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Review from Linnae
4 events 2 reviews

The message was good. It highlighted a number of current social issues.

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MzStacey Childs
Review from MzStacey Childs
3 events 2 reviews

This was the best performance ive seen in years! The actors are phenomenal. The story hits home and the rawness of emotion is outstanding! I wanna see it again!

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