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Dave Rice
Review from Dave Rice
Red Velvet 85 events 71 reviews

Interesting concept, performers were good. The story line of Caeser was not needed. Food was good although dinner not served until 1 1/2 hours into the show. Overall price is somewhat high for the experience. If going, use Goldstar and...continued

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Jack Meyer
Review from Jack Meyer
Red Velvet 72 events 35 reviews

Excellent show, service and food very good
Highly recommended
Good value

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Pam Zidarich
Review from Pam Zidarich
Red Velvet 66 events 25 reviews

Astounding! Impossible to accurately describe the experience but I highly recommend it! Pure Joy!!!! Meal was not too bad either. However, be prepared. Drinks and apps are expensive. Only water is included as a beverage. Even a bread basket...continued

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Review from jbaron
102 events 43 reviews

Outstanding athletic acts. Food was very good and many choices. Drinks are not very good. Atmosphere is wonderful. Excellent evening.

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Review from MR SMITH
39 events 36 reviews

This was a thoroughly entertaining evening is intended for mature audiences as there are some double entendres ....the band was extremely good.... the singing was amazing with a very wide vocal range....the performers were very animated and very...continued

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Minuit Richmond
Review from Minuit Richmond
22 events 13 reviews

This event really deserved zero stars. Some of the staff were racist and rude. Clearly, blacks are treated differently than others. When I complained about them trying to overcharge my credit card, you thought that I had a third eye. It took me...continued

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Review from Helen
29 events 10 reviews

What a clever and spontaneous show......definite go see!!!

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Review from scarlchan
39 events 8 reviews

This was the worst birthday experience of my life. First, there were several pieces of plastic found in my dinner entree. Our waitress only came by once to take our drink order. She only came around the second time after my husband got up during...continued

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Linda Kious
Review from Linda Kious
57 events 6 reviews

It was excellent! Haven’t laughed that much in a long time. The food and service was terrific. You would be remiss if you did not attend.

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Review from TOM
43 events 6 reviews

This show is beyond fantastic!!!

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Review from sheila
28 events 5 reviews

Fabulous performance by all.

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Review from Liya
18 events 5 reviews

Had a wonderful experience- the show, dinner and most of all, the crew were absolutely amazing! PSA to folks traveling by GPS - put in the actual address, not the name of the hotel, as there are two Cambria hotels in Chicago

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Review from 8472348803
21 events 5 reviews

It was a good experience with a touch of European particularly Italian plays it was also funny and entertaining. I enjoyed the food also
. Everyone had good seats because the stage was in the center and the actors had lively audience...continued

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Carol Czworniak
Review from Carol Czworniak
22 events 5 reviews

This was one of the greatest experiences I have had. The show was so funny and entertaining! So much talent. The dinner was good but you can skip the appetizers. Drinks were way overpriced! Great night out with friends

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Review from Cindy
24 events 5 reviews

Wild and crazy! Great food and drinks. An experience like never before! Loved it!!

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Donna DiVito
Review from Donna DiVito
12 events 4 reviews

It was amazing!!

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Jean Young
Review from Jean Young
40 events 3 reviews

It was totally spectacular, from start to finish!!!! Such a fun evening!!!

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Review from Amanda
75 events 3 reviews

Not your typical show. Fresh, entertaining, and intriguing. Definitely a welcomed escape from your every day life!!

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Review from Mom2
5 events 3 reviews

Such a unique venue and experience. Highly recommend it!

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Sue Wolf
Review from Sue Wolf
5 events 3 reviews

The show was lots of fun, the salad bit part was a bit cheesy, but the rest was terrific. Food was good, but I made the wrong choice ordering the pasta. The other meals looked better and more filling. For the cost, bread should be on the table...continued

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