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Robert Siegel
Review from Robert Siegel
226 events 27 reviews

Great parody of the Golden Girls. Hell in a Handbag does a great job!

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Kathy Asselin Decker
Review from Kathy Asselin Decker
32 events 22 reviews

Must see this hilarious play. You will laugh out loud and have a ball!!!!

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Review from steve
123 events 21 reviews

The actors have been together for awhile and it shows - Any play they are in is a MUST SEE for my wife and myself. The patrons have as much fun as the actors appear to be having on stage. You can eat at Hamburger Mary's next door or dine at any of...continued

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Review from Andy
48 events 16 reviews

Cute show with some good laughs.

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Mark P.
Review from Mark P.
96 events 15 reviews

Well done, silly, and a lot of fun.

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Review from Jeff
20 events 10 reviews

One of their better installments. Glad David Cerda is back. Unfortunately no one can match the previous Sophia.

Just wish they could coordinate with the downstairs restaurant’s at-times loud music. And please get rid of the trivia breaks!

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Ronnie Larsen
Review from Ronnie Larsen
15 events 9 reviews

So much fun! Go see this. The audience was howlng. Super funny.

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Kathryn J
Review from Kathryn J
6 events 4 reviews

Pure silliness. These guys have got it down when it comes to The Golden Girls. I have seen all three shows and they’re all very funny. This company is one of Chicago’s treasures. Hilarious parodies with talented performers. Great fun.

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Brian Sommer
Review from Brian Sommer
44 events 4 reviews

This is a great parody for any Golden Girls fans. The storylines are funny and the cast is great. Highly recommend.

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Ricardo Eugenio
Review from Ricardo Eugenio
10 events 4 reviews

Very well acted.

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Review from Michale
9 events 3 reviews

A great show - A must see!!!!

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Colette Wolf
Review from Colette Wolf
3 events 2 reviews

Hilarious! Sofia stole the show in the first act! Well written!

Second act features a crossover with JB Fletcher! Laughed until I cried!

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Lynda Chamberlain
Review from Lynda Chamberlain
39 events 1 review

Always a great show. Hilariously entertaining, looking forward to their next show! Talented cast. Love the small venue !

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April Miller
Review from April Miller
4 events 1 review

I'm a true fan of the Golden Girls, and this was a funny rendition of my besties....The actors did a great job catching the spirit of each character. I'll definitely be back for the Halloween edition!!

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Brittney Wyatt
Review from Brittney Wyatt
2 events 1 review

It's a must see for any Golden Girls fan. Clever, camp and full of nostalgia.

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