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Review from dmt111
Red Velvet 183 events 26 reviews

A beautiful new Joffrey "Nutcracker" set in 1892 Chicago during the Worlds Fair. I am so glad that I made time to see the world premiere of this new production - what a wonderful experience... I have always loved the Nutcracker - who doesn't? but...continued

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Jeanine Parrillo
Review from Jeanine Parrillo
Red Velvet 5 events 1 review

Beautifully orchestrated with a creative twist using the Chicago World Fair as the theme to the Nutcracker.

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Ray Gue
Review from Ray Gue
Red Velvet 7 events 1 review

I have never been to a ballet. I think I will start going.

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Bj Dunlap Quigley
Review from Bj Dunlap Quigley
42 events 34 reviews

Some very good moments in the production (Arabian dancers, Queen of the Fair) but I still yearned for the old story versus this new one of the World's Fair in Chicago. The cowboy and saloon girls just didn't feel right!

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Review from EntertainingSJ
45 events 28 reviews

This was fantastic!! The perfect holiday outing for a Chicagoan. The set and technical effects were awesome and part of the updating. The dancing was absolutely flawless and the musical accompaniment by the orchestra was by far one of the best...continued

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Kathy Asselin Decker
Review from Kathy Asselin Decker
32 events 22 reviews

The inclusion of the Chicago Worlds Fair theme was different

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Lynn S
Review from Lynn S
35 events 20 reviews

This was a great production! The customized story was good, the special effects were terrific, the dancing was solid.

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Eileen Fabro
Review from Eileen Fabro
28 events 12 reviews

I never considered myself a ballet fan, but absolutely loved this production. Everybody should see this ballet at least once in their lifetime. Between the orchestra, dancing, the scenic backdrop .... just a spectacular holiday event.

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Review from noname
16 events 12 reviews

We never go wrong with Goldstar tickets. Great seats.
This was a brilliant production: theatrical and gorgeous special effects, amazing choreography and dance talent. Love the Auditorium Theatre. Do NOT miss it next year!! Can't wait for the...continued

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Judith A Scheuerman
Review from Judith A Scheuerman
44 events 11 reviews

Seats were excellent, and production is awesome!!! This is the 4th time we've seen it. So nice to see so many young people attending, dressed nicely and really enjoying. And we are Seniors. Don't think necessary for food and drink to be brought...continued

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Judith A Scheuerman
Review from Judith A Scheuerman
44 events 11 reviews

The Nutcracker performance at the Auditorium was so GREAT, we decided to see it again. Wonderful! Merry Christmas...

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Judith A Scheuerman
Review from Judith A Scheuerman
44 events 11 reviews

This was a beautiful, wonderful production. The seats from Goldstar were awesome, and I would recommend highly. The best part of Christmas in Chicago

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Judith A Scheuerman
Review from Judith A Scheuerman
44 events 11 reviews

We have seen many performances of the Nutcracker, but this was by far THE BEST. Very creative, beautifully done, and seats were EXCELLENT!

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Review from djk802
20 events 9 reviews

Balcony seats were uncomfortable. The performance was unique but a bit ragged

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Review from Al
44 events 8 reviews

This was the best version of the Nutcracker we have ever seen. The sets were breathtaking. The storyline was clever. Kudos to Christopher Wheeldon and the Joffrey Ballet!

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Review from Elena
39 events 8 reviews

Wonderful performance!!

Great seats as always!

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Ralph Wilder
Review from Ralph Wilder
19 events 7 reviews

I am a professional musician. I played in the orchestra for the annual Ruth Page Nutcracker for over 20 years - and we used a FULL orchestra - so that ALL the parts Tchaikovsky wrote were played. The orchestra for the Joffrey version is "cut...continued

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Review from EO
16 events 7 reviews

What a terrific show! So imaginative; my favorite part was the tree that grows to fill the entire stage. Beautiful use of lighting!

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Linda S Hamilton
Review from Linda S Hamilton
23 events 6 reviews

My husband and I loved this ballet, particularly the story reimagined as in the Chicago Worlds Fair.
There were two segments where we enjoyed the music, which understandably were lengthy, however we felt something more could have happened within...continued

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Jeffrey Sandler
Review from Jeffrey Sandler
24 events 5 reviews

Loved this production of The Nutcracker

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