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Tarree Collins
Review from Tarree Collins
Red Velvet 47 events 9 reviews

What a great evening! If you're looking for something to do that's fun, entertaining and different, this your ideal "must go" show!
The performance takes place in a parlor room at the fabulously beautiful Palmer House. Dennis Watkins is truly a...continued

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Katrena Greene
Review from Katrena Greene
107 events 63 reviews

Entertaining but similar to show I saw him do a few years. It would have been nice to see some new tricks.

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Michael Keefer
Review from Michael Keefer
84 events 41 reviews

Dennis is the best magician in Chicago.

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Monica Garreton Chavez
Review from Monica Garreton Chavez
87 events 39 reviews

Awesome show! Dennis is an amazing performer and left us wondering how he did it with every trick. A really fun evening. Highly recommend.

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prl noir
Review from prl noir
59 events 27 reviews

Exceptional , intimate and very high quality magical experience...... we are still amazed at how read our minds!!!!

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Rita Rhodes
Review from Rita Rhodes
54 events 26 reviews

LOVED IT! I wish I could give this 10 stars. Dennis did some amazing things that just left me awestruck. This is a small, intimate venue, only holding about 20 people in the audience. The magic is up-close and personal, and the audience...continued

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Joyce Mason
Review from Joyce Mason
27 events 16 reviews

Fantastic night of magic in an intimate setting. Perfect date night or girls' night out!

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jess Spring
Review from jess Spring
23 events 15 reviews


I'm not big into magic, but my mother-in-law came across raving reviews and really wanted to go while they were in town. I was very skeptical but now that I've been, would recommend the show to any and everyone.

First of all the...continued

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Review from Eli
28 events 15 reviews

The Magic Parlour was a small setting for close up magic performed to an excellent level.
Dennis Watkins had a great interactive style that involved everyone with ease and humor.
Don't know how he performed his magic or mentalist tricks but the...continued

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Review from Pugnacious
19 events 13 reviews

Mind Blowing Magical Entertainment
The Magic Parlour is hosted in a small intimate room for about 33 people~ish. Seating is not a problem as you can get folding chairs up front if you want to be right on top of the magician. Dennis Watkins the...continued

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Derah Gordon
Review from Derah Gordon
21 events 11 reviews

I was pretty amazing.

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Tamar Karakozova
Review from Tamar Karakozova
13 events 11 reviews

It was a great show if you are perceptive and not question the "magic". It was a great evening and Dennis was a real star!

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Review from Margo57
34 events 10 reviews

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! Thoroughly enjoyable and mystifying show by an outstanding magician. Dennis Watkins involves the entire audience and leaves them wanting more!

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aisle seat gal
Review from aisle seat gal
15 events 10 reviews

Ready for a fun, relaxing evening in an elegant, intimate, comfortable setting? Dennis Watkins is a skilled, likable, friendly 3rd generation magician who will, yes, truly amaze and delight you. The show includes free drinks, and a casual...continued

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Review from Kerryman
43 events 9 reviews

It was just one mystifying trick after another! I have already told many friends and family about it. Good chance I will return.


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Denise Woodward
Review from Denise Woodward
22 events 9 reviews

This was a great night. Initially, you meet in Potters Lounge on the main floor then about 5 minutes before show time are taken up a couple of escalators and a flight of stairs to the "magic parlor." (None in our group couldn't do stairs, but...continued

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David M. Heisler
Review from David M. Heisler
23 events 9 reviews

We've been to various "intimate" magic shows in the past and always enjoy them, but The Magic Parlour won us over completely by the first 15 minutes of warm-up type tricks. Dennis Watkins is an engaging, talented third-generation magician that...continued

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Review from KK
10 events 8 reviews

Absolutely amazing & a great intimate magical night!

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Jill Farrell
Review from Jill Farrell
26 events 8 reviews

Just riveting! My only criticism would be that the show should be longer! Dennis is brilliant!!

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Review from denise
23 events 7 reviews

A very fun evening. Dennis was so entertaining and personable. The audience participation and small venue were a huge plus. We will return with our families.

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